There are few objects in sports that inspire such reverence and awe together the Stanley Cup. The simplicity and elegance of the trophy that bears the names of all of its recipients put championship awards from various other sports come shame.But go you understand that ~ above a cold day in December virtually fifty year ago, the Stanley Cup was almost lost forever? Let’s take it a journey back to December 5, 1970: the job the Stanley Cup was stolen.

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A Stanley Cup Caper

Following the Toronto Maple Leafs’ Stanley Cup championship in 1962 (one of 4 the Maple Leafs would win that decade), the original bowl and trophy collar the the Cup were retired and also enshrined on display in the Hockey hall of Fame. It seemed the most logical and safest place for such important pieces that history.
Tom Barrasso, Pittsburgh Penguins, 1991 Stanley Cup (Photo by B Bennett/Getty Images)
But, in a piece of the NHL’s lesser-known history, thef stole the Stanley Cup, along with the Conn Smythe Trophy and also the bill Masterson Trophy, simply a few years later.The Conn Smythe and Masterson Trophies were easily recovered through police; however, the original Stanley Cup collar would remain missing for lot longer. Though it’s virtually too surreal to be believed, the original collar remained at large for an entire seven years! one of the thieves also reportedly intimidated to toss the Stanley Cup into Lake Ontario if her requirements were no met. But that’s wherein the story start to get clouded. Public official recovered the Cup 7 years later, but there space multiple stories as to how. The most popular narrative is the the police received an cotton tip. The caller told them the a far-ranging piece of background could be discovered in the earlier storage room of a Toronto clean store.

The police arrived not learning what to expect. What they uncovered was an irreplaceable artifact: the Stanley Cup that had actually been steal in 1970. Nobody knew precisely who had taken it or where it had actually been because that the previous seven years, however it to be finally back in safe hands.As well-known as that narrative is, there room two other famous stories: the very first states the the Cup reappeared as soon as it was exit in a police officer’s driveway. The other says that the real Stanley Cup was for sure in a financial institution vault every along and also that the stolen object was just a display piece for the hall of Fame.Whatever the genuine story, yes no inquiry that the true Stanley Cup was back in for sure hands when again. And there that would continue to be for the following 40-plus years… Or would it?

Lord Stanley stolen Again?

Stafford Smythe and Harold Ballard (THW Archives)
Seemingly for sure after the theft, the Stanley Cup was almost stolen when again, this time in 1977. The story goes the seven guys approached the Cup in the hall of Fame v a huge gym bag. However, an alert employee noticed the men and also chased them out of the building. In your car, police found duplicates of the Hockey hall of reputation floor plan and also lists the the tools necessary to steal lord Stanley’s Cup. The had almost been shed again.Fortunately, despite all of its well-documented travel in much more recent history, the Stanley Cup has regulated to remain safe, whether it it is in in the hands of players, executives, or on display in the Hockey hall of Fame.

The biggest Trophy In Sports

Purchased in 1892 by lord Stanley himself, governor-general of Canada, the silver- punch bowl which became the Stanley Cup expense Stanley approximately $48, or what quantities to a little over $1,000 today. It was a brilliant investment. Though estimates vary, professionals unanimously agree the Cup is the most valuable trophy in American sports, and one estimate argues a value of over $23,000.Clearly, the Stanley Cup has actually a substantial monetary value, however its background and symbolic significance in hockey background are what make Lord Stanley’s Cup an invaluable, priceless object. Very sewing its security has improved because the greatest trophy in the sporting human being is irreplaceable.

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