Hunter Henry (left) and Jonnu smith (right) give Mac Jones a stellar pair the tight finish targets throughout the center this season.Steven Senne/Associated Press

“The finest thing girlfriend can provide a young quarterback is a great offensive line, and the Patriots will be a top-five attack line this year,” said ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky, a previous 11-year NFL quarterback. “Their offense is walk to it is in a smash-you-in-the-face run game. Castle going come turn ago time a little bit, lb the football, and then the ideal quarterback in college football critical year in ~ play-action was Mac Jones.”

Former Saints GM Randy Mueller stated the 2021 Patriots have the exact same look as the 2001 Patriots, that won the supervisor Bowl v Tom Brady in his second year together a player.

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“I take it a Saints team to brand-new England that year,” Mueller tweeted (edited because that clarity). ″It was the physicality and also how castle knocked us ago on both lines the was questioned on the aircraft ride home. offensive line and also defense in ‘21 might be together good, and also a big factor.”

Former longtime NFL coach Mike Sherman was the Dolphins’ offensive coordinator in 2012 as soon as rookie Ryan Tannehill go 7-9. Sherman, who also coached Tannehill at Texas A&M, stated Tannehill benefited from play in the exact same scheme together he walk in college, and so need to Jones in going native Alabama to new England. Jones’s attack coordinator for his freshman year in ~ Alabama to be Brian Daboll, the longtime Patriots’ coach that is currently the Bills’ attack coordinator.

“He basically ran a pro-style offense at Alabama. The was probably not fairly as thorough as new England is, yet he most likely won’t check out a hell of a the majority of difference,” Sherman said. “He’s walk be introduced to much more concepts — an especially on defense, disguises that defenses will certainly employ. Ns think this quarterback will certainly be tested to the nth degree, and also I think he’s an ext than agree of that challenge.”

Orlovsky claimed Jones will more than likely experience farming pains in 2 areas: can he gain to his 3rd read easily enough, and can the not-so-swift Jones escape pressure? but Orlovsky was impressed through how easily Jones handle things during the preseason.

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“He’s no a quick person, yet he theatre fast,” Orlovsky said. “If you’ve acquired a really good grasp the what the defense is going to do, you can cancel the end options before the ball gets snapped. And also I think that does a great job of that, since he plays for this reason fast.”

Collinsworth no think the Patriots have to hold much back with Jones. The sees a quarterback who is picking things up quickly.

“I don’t think lock going come water that down. Ns think they’re going to play,” Collinsworth said. “He just looks so calm and in control and also making the ideal throws. If you didn’t recognize he to be a rookie, friend wouldn’t even be asking the question.”