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Unless the NFL transforms its breeze rules, probably the league"s many unbreakable record is the of the youngest Super key winners.

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A grasp of players have done it at 21, including two together starters — Jamal Lewis and also Bryan Bulaga. However it"s basically impossible under the present setup because that a player younger than 21 to be playing in February the year after they"re drafted. That method Lewis and also Bulaga might only welcome much more company end time, not be bested.

A quarterback might still accomplish that feat, though. No quarterback has started and also won the Super bowl at 21 or even 22 years of age. Not also Patrick Mahomes made it take place quite that fast.

Below, we"ve got more details top top the youngest quarterback to ever win a super Bowl in addition to some of the youngest players ever to get a ring.

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Who is the youngest quarterback to victory a supervisor Bowl?

The youngest quarterback come start and also win a Super key is Ben Roethlisberger, that was 23 in Super bowl 40 when the Steelers defeated the Seahawks, 21-10. Hines Ward was named Super bowl MVP, however Roethlisberger was the to win quarterback. Large Ben struggled versus Seattle, though, perfect 9 that 21 passes for 123 yards and also two interceptions.

Some of the other many notable at sight Bowl-winning QBs didn"t gain their very first victory until later on in their career. Here"s a list of several of the top quarterbacks and also the period when they first won the at sight Bowl:

Patrick Mahomes -  24Tom Brady -  24Joe Montana -  25Terry Bradshaw -  26Troy Aikman -  26Aaron Rodgers -  27Eli Manning -  27

If Mahomes wins Super bowl 55 in February 2021, he"d come to be the youngest quarterback ever before to have won 2 Super key rings. The doesn"t revolve 26 until Sept. 17, 2021.

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Youngest Super bowl winners

The tricky part about NFL rosters is the a super Bowl-winning back-up offensive guard could be young and also totally out of sight, the end of mind. Putting together a list of the youngest football player to ever before win the at sight Bowl expected a tedious journey with Football Reference. But ideal we deserve to tell, these are the 16 youngest football player denoted as "starter" by Football reference to ever before win the Super key — in various other words, all the 21- and also 22-year-old "starters" to obtain a ring.

PlayerPlayer AgeTeamYear (Super bowl No.)
Jamal Lewis21Ravens2001 (35)
Bryan Bulaga21Packers2011 (45)
Jack Lambert22Steelers1975 (9)
Ron Johnson22Steelers1979 (13)
Matt Millen22Raiders1980 (14)
Eric Wright2249ers1981 (15)
Ronnie Lott2249ers1981 (15)
Mark Collins22Giants1987 (21)
Bryant Young2249ers1995 (29)
William Floyd2249ers1995 (29)
Travis Taylor22Ravens2001 (35)
Richard Seymour22Patriots2002 (36)
Randall Gay22Patriots2005 (39)
Antoine Bethea22Colts2007 (41)
Jason Pierre-Paul22Giants2012 (46)
Malcolm Brown22Patriots2017 (51)

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