Comedian that played Tom the Innkeeper in bother Potter and also the sinner of Azkaban suffers broken neck and also punctured lung in collision


Jim Tavaré, that co-wrote and starred in the Bafta-winning ITV series the map out Show. Photograph: Laura Tavaré
Jim Tavaré, who co-wrote and also starred in the Bafta-winning ITV series the sketch Show. Photograph: Laura Tavaré

The gibbs Jim Tavaré, who showed up in the movie Harry Potter and the sinner of Azkaban, is in intensive treatment after a head-on car crash left him v a broken neck and also punctured lung.

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He also suffered 15 damaged ribs, division in his appropriate leg and a fractured breastbone, his wife stated in a write-up on his facebook account. Her message did not offer details about where the crash had taken place, although the actor spends most of his time in Los Angeles.

“This is Laura here. Currently that his family have been informed, Jim has asked me come let friend all recognize that that was connected in a serious automobile accident yesterday, a head-on collision,” she wrote.

“He’s at this time in ICU extensive care. He has 15 broken ribs, fractures in both breastbones, a poke lung, multiple division in his right leg, and also a damaged neck.

“He’s had actually two blood transfusions for this reason far and also is around to go in because that his first surgery. This is for real, no a movie role. Please organize some an excellent thoughts because that him together he fights his method out the this.”

A organize of other entertainers sent their ideal wishes to Tavaré after hearing the news.

Wishing our mate
jimtavare speedy restore after terrible auto crash. Hoping thumbs up method you'll be playing that dual bass shortly

— Omid Djalili (
omid9) march 8, 2017

jimtavare several love and a speedy restore after his terrible automobile accident. XX

— Tony Gardner (
Tonygardner) in march 8, 2017

Get well shortly
jimtavare - gosh. Https://

— Justin Moorhouse (
justinmoorhouse) in march 8, 2017

Get well Jim Tavare. Terrible news :(

— ewenmacintosh (
ewenmacintosh) march 8, 2017

A snapshot of Tavaré lied in a hospital bed and also giving the thumbs up was additionally posted to his facebook account. The Essex-born actor play Tom the Innkeeper in the take care of Potter film.

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Trained at the imperial Academy the Dramatic Art, he also co-wrote and also starred in the Bafta-winning ITV collection the map out Show.