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"Butterfly paris Away" is one acoustic popular music duet carry out by American actors and also recording artist Miley Cyrus and Billy beam Cyrus. The song was very first heard in the 2009 film Hannah Montana: The Movie, in which both Cyruses star, and also was consequently released top top the film"s soundtrack. Prolonged version is featured top top Billy Ray"s eleventh studio album, ago to Tennessee. The track is a soft country ballad with ubraintv-jp.com that define a child"s transition to adulthood. The song received usually favorable reviews and, though not released as a single, accomplished notable advertisement outcomes in Australia, Canada, Ireland, the united Kingdom, and the joined States. It reached its highest possible international top in the irish Singles Chart, at number forty-six. The Cyruses perform the track live at numerous venues; a performance in an English Apple keep was recorded and eventually exit on prolonged play.more »

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You tucked me in, turned the end the lightsKept me safe and also sound at nightLittle girls count on things like thatBrushed my teeth and also combed mine hair had actually to journey me everywhereYou were constantly there whenI looked backYou had actually to execute it all alone, do a livin" do a homeMust have been as hard as it can beAnd as soon as I couldn"t sleep in ~ nightScared points wouldn"t revolve out rightYou would hold my hand and also sing come meCaterpillar in the treeHow friend wonder that you"ll beCant go far but you can always dreamWish girlfriend may and also wish friend mightDon"t you problem hold in tightI promise girlfriend there will certainly come a dayButterfly fly awayButterfly paris away, butterfly paris awayFlap her wings currently you can"t stayTake those dreams and also make them all come trueButterfly paris away, butterfly paris awayWe"ve been wait for this dayAll along and knowing just what come doButterfly, butterfly, butterfly, butterfly paris awayButterfly fly awayButterfly paris away

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Billy beam Cyrus wilhelm "Billy" beam Cyrus (born august 25, 1961) is one American nation music singer, songwriter, actor and philanthropist, who has actually achieved great success worldwide. Having actually released twelve studio albums and also forty-four singles since 1992, the is finest known because that his Number One single "Achy Breaky Heart", which came to be the very first single ever to achieve triple Platinum condition in Australia. It was also the best-selling single in the same country in 1992 and was translated into much more than 100 languages. Many thanks to the video of this hit, the linedance catapulted into the mainstream, ending up being a an international craze.

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Cyrus, a multi-platinum selling recording artist, has scored a full of eight top-ten singles top top the Billboard country Songs chart. His most successful album come dat… an ext »