How can you beat a hair follicle medicine test?

What it is, exactly how it works, what does it find?

First off, the hair follicle drug test is a little bit of a misnomer. The hair follicle is not what’s being tested.

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Hair consists of the hair follicle, the component underneath the skin which is living; climate the hair shaft, which is above the skin and also is non-living. The hair obelisk is what will be tested.


As you have the right to see, the hair follicle is down in over there under the skin. They space not walking to test the hair follicle, i m sorry is just and it may reveal much more recent medicine use. Hair testing can’t disclose drug usage within around the critical 7 days before the test, because there’s not enough time because that the medicine to obtain into the hair shaft over the scalp. What they space going to check is the hair over the scalp. Specifically, the very first 1.5 customs of hair next to the scalp. This will expose drug usage within the last 3 months.

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Hair follicle drug test detection times


Figure 1.

As displayed in the chart, for hair tests drugs are detectable after ~ 5 to 7 days, then up to 90 days. The test will measure medicine in the very first 1.5 customs of hair closest come the scalp. Hair grow 1.5 inches in 90 days, so that is the home window of detection. They can go ago longer by testing hair further away from the scalp however this is prohibition by protocol and also sometimes by law.


Figure 2.

That’s around 1.5 customs in the photo above. The technician is going to take about that lot hair native right next to the scalp, no the ends of the hair. They are prohibited from using hair additional away from the scalp which could reveal drug usage for excessively lengthy periods of time.

How a Hair medicine Test Works

Once you use a medicine of abuse, it’s processed by guts in the body and enters the bloodstream.The drugs reach the hair follicle. Some of it is processed, and some are unmetabolized.As the hair grows, the medicine are thrust out the the scalp into the hair shaft. The hair grows 1.5 inches per 90 days.The technician bring away a 1.5-inch ar of hair from the scalp and also tests it for drugs that abuse.

Pros and Cons: Hair drug Test Versus other Types

Detects drug usage for approximately 90 days.Cannot be beaten by abstaining because that a couple of days.Bleaching and dyeing hair may help you beat a hair drug test.Urine, saliva, and also blood tests detect drug usage within up to a week, except for marijuana which might be detected because that within as much as a month.Users have the right to beat any kind of test various other than a hair test by abstaining for around a main for many drugs.Dilution will not assist you win a hair medicine test.Hair test are more expensive.

Passing a Hair drug Screen

The most reputable methods to pass a hair drug test room the Macujo an approach and the Jerry G method which we will describe further down. Uneven the Macujo Method, the Jerry G technique may take as lengthy as 10 days. If girlfriend don’t have actually that lot time, you want to look an initial at the Macujo method. Marijuana may stay in your hair follicles if you’ve smoked recently, however they aren’t trial and error the follicle, however the hair obelisk cortex over the scalp.

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The Macujo Method

We are not prescribing this method, we are describing one of the most famous methods to happen a hair drug test found online in drug communities. This an approach has just anecdotal evidence regarding its effectiveness. However, it’s relatively quick so those who have to pass a hair drug test in 24 hrs (1 day) periodically look to this method. In any type of case, placing detergent and also acne to wash in your hair will harm the hair i m sorry is the goal, together that causes drug metabolites to leech out, however can also harm the skin so usage at your very own risk.

Items needed:
Disposable Gloves – to protect your hands from dry out and also chemicalsGoggles – to defend your eyes from chemicalsPack that liquid tide detergent – this is an ingredient through proteases that break down proteins and will it is in going in your hairWhite vinegar – vinegar contains acetic mountain which can aid break open up the hair shaftWarm waterUltra Clean by Zydot shampoo – one of the many reputable decoding shampoosToxin to escape shampoo v Aloe – this shampoo reportedly consists of propylene glycol which some resources say is the just thing in this recipe the is actually removing drugs from her hairTowelSinkShower capsPink Clean and also Clear acne wash

Step 1. First off, soon as you understand you have actually a test, stop using drugs. Now, we’ve said you currently hair tests can not detect drugs provided in the critical week before the test but there is an exception. Sometimes, if you save smoking, you sweat, and the drugs in her sweat it s okay on the hair and also you’re busted. So, an initial things first, avoid using drugs. Girlfriend may even need come stop any kind of tobacco use, as part employers test because that it to store down health care costs. Part employers might test for alcohol. Alcohol leaves the blood quickly, however metabolites room detectable in the hair.

Step 2. Rinse your hair with warmth water.

Step 3. Placed vinegar in her hair. Make certain you gain down to the roots. The is the part they room going come test.

Step 4. Through the vinegar tho in, job-related the Clean and also Clear under to the roots. Placed on her shower cap, and also leave the mixture in a half-hour, then rinse the out.

Step 5. Currently shampoo with initial formula Aloe Toxin Rid, you have actually to acquire it native action 6. Now put on her goggles, make sure you have actually your gloves on and also shampoo your hair v a dash of tide detergent.

Step 7. Shampoo with Zydot Ultra Clean, and also rinse with heat water. Some people will execute this several times. Remember, the more damage is done to the hair, the more drug metabolites will certainly leech out, therefore the user may trade damage to the hair and scalp for a possibility at happen the medicine test. Lastly, if her hair is means too fried, they might go for body hair instead, so be sensible.

Now, if friend have an ext time to devote to happen the medicine test, about ten days, climate you can try this scientifically-backed an approach called the Jerry G method, which depends on bleaching and also dyeing the hair.

The Jerry G Method

Jerry G is apparently a real person, a smoker in an virtual smoking community (cannabis). He developed this way of beating a hair medicine test. And, the method has been scientifically tested.

A research in 1997 showed that bleaching and dyeing the hair greatly lessened the detection of drug metabolites. Follow to the study”

The bulk of the mean differences were in the range of 40%-60% (cocaine, benzoylecgonine, codeine, 6-acetyl morphine, and THC-COOH). For morphine, the mean difference was greater than 60%, and two instances (THC and also nicotine) differed by approx. 30% (Jurado, Kintz, and also Menendez).

The hair to be bleached and also dyed only once for the study, and they have actually a range of 40 come 60 % reduction in detectable drug residues contrasted to untreated hair from the very same donors. In every case, castle studied, the drug content of the hair was lessened by bleaching and also dyeing. Making use of the Jerry G method, users bleach and dye the hair numerous times, significantly reducing detectable drug residues. Also, bleaching and also dyeing are generally used cosmetic procedures the safety of i beg your pardon is known, unlike placing Tide laundry detergent in her hair, the safety and security of i beg your pardon is unknown.

Here’s what you will do it need

Several crate of bleach and dye v ammonia (you have to bleach her hair climate dye it earlier your natural color)Old style Aloe Toxin to escape Shampoo – this is reported to it is in the best detox shampoo to happen a hair follicle medicine test. However, this an approach is effective using any shampoo so don’t break the bank trying to get Aloe Toxin Rid.Clean combs (make sure you don’t have old hair or residues on her comb)Zydot Ultra Clean ShampooBaking soda
You’ll need around 10 days. Step one is to avoid using drugs.Use a long-term hair dye which is the very same as your natural hair color. If her hair looks bleached, they might opt for body hair so do it look at natural. Usage your bleach and also dye 10 days out from the test.Wash your hair v your Old format Aloe Toxin escape Shampoo.Wait ten days, perform the bleach and dye again. Wash v Toxin rid old style from TestclearOn check day, mix your baking soda with a little water to make a paste, then put it in your hair. Leaving it in because that 15 minutes. Rinse it out with water. This will certainly neutralize any type of remaining mountain in the hair.Wash v Toxin Rid when again.Now wash with your other hair follicle drug trial and error shampoo, Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo.This technique has science on its side. Two rounds that bleaching and also dyeing might be strong enough to make medicine metabolites undetectable.

Home decoding Remedies
 Bleaching and also Dyeing: If girlfriend don’t want to use any of the methods above or you don’t have time, your finest shot is simply to do one ring of bleaching and dyeing your hair back the organic color before the test.Old format Toxin Rid: Conversely, you might try just shampooing number of times v Toxin escape Old Style. Some insurance claim that the propylene glycol in the Old layout Toxin rid is the just thing that makes the Macujo an approach effective. If you uncover it too expensive, usage Zydot Ultra Clean instead.

Do’s and Don’ts

Do usage Old format Toxin v Aloe if the price is not prohibitive.Do bleach and dye her hair through a kit that has ammonia.Do stop smoking as soon as you recognize you will have actually a medicine test. Drugs deserve to leech into the hair from your sweat.Don’t usage Nexxus Aloe Rid, it’s not the very same formula.Don’t spend more than you can afford on decoding shampoos. The most effective technique is bleaching and also dyeing and any shampoo will certainly do.Don’t cut your hair, they will either disqualify friend or take hair from your pits or groin.


Q: What is the best means to to win a hair drug test? A: our research indicated that bleaching and dyeing hair is the many effective method to decrease the amounts of medicine residues in the hair. This is scientifically proven in several studies.

Even alcohol residual water are lessened in treated hair (Kerekes and Yegles). According to the study:

“…an important decrease that EtG (alcohol metabolite) in hair could be discovered after bleaching and also permanent wave treatment.”

Even if the technician looks because that alcohol, residues will certainly be lessened by bleaching and also dyeing.

A more study is excellent in 2000, printed in the Forensic Science global Journal uncovered all drug levels in hair reduced, consisting of a decrease in the stability and detectability the benzodiazepines and also opioids in the hair ~ bleaching and dyeing (Yegles, Marson, and also Wennig):

“benzoylecgonine (decrease the 24.6 and 36.4%, respectively), concentrations because that codeine, 6-monoacetylmorphine and also morphine decreased an ext significantly (decrease the 57.5, 88.6 and also 67.4%, respectively) and those that diazepam (benzodiazepine), nordazepam and also 7-aminoflunitrazepam (decrease that 39.7, 67.7 and also 61.8%, respectively). The results in this examine agree with those of other authors that bleaching affects the security of cocaine and also opiates incorporated in hair.”

Q: What if I simply shave it every off? A: They will certainly take hair native the armpits, and if that is shaved, indigenous the groin. If castle cannot get a great sample, you may be disqualified native consideration.

Q: carry out I must detox mine body through detox drink or pills? A: certain not. This will have actually no result on the medicine metabolites in her hair. You need to break open the hair shaft and also get lock out. This is finest done v hair treatments, bleaching, and also dyeing, or a long-term wave if friend like.

Best detox Products

Old style Toxin Rid v Aloe: one of two people this shampoo yes, really can assist get medicine residues out of the hair. The initial company, Nexxus, quit making it. Then people started selling left-over bottles online and also since it to be rare, castle jacked the price means up. So saw an opportunity and made their own version which lock say has the very same ingredients as the original Toxin Rid through Aloe Shampoo. It’s approximately you if you have the right to afford come lay down what kinda money on shampoo, yet for now, this is what civilization are talk about.Zydot Ultra Clean: Zydot Ultra Clean is well-trusted and an ext affordable 보다 Old format Toxin Rid with Aloe. It is provided in both hair decoding methods.

A examine in the worldwide Journal the Legal medicine in 2000 experiment Zydot and also found

“…a slim decrease in drug concentrations might mostly be it was observed e.g. Cocaine (n = 10) –5%, 6-MAM (n = 12) –9%, morphine (n = 12) –26%, THC (n = 4) –36% (Röhrich, Zörntlein and Pötsch).”

Drug metabolites were no brought listed below the level the detection with simply one wash v Zydot, but they did decrease a little. That’s all you need your shampoo to perform with the Jerry G method, together the bleaching and dyeing is going to remove most of the medicine residues.

We will certainly be waiting on a scientific study excellent on Old layout Toxin Rid.

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If you had actually a hair medicine test comes up you can use among the defined methods: Macujo method and Jerry G Method, also you have the right to treat your hair come a round of bleaching and dyeing. If that’s unsuitable, you could use the Macujo Method.


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