Regular Nick: “Hey, The Dillinger Escape plan made it right into Guitar Hero! That’s awesome. And, nice… you can play v Rush’s 2112, and also it’s narrated by bassist and also vocalist Geddy Lee himself. Man, this is going come rock.”

Warrior Nick: “Sweet holy hell, why walk I simply turn into a f**ing rock n’ role chupacabra?”

Guitar Hero: warriors of rock (Xbox 360, playstation 3, Wii)Developer: NeversoftPublisher: ActivisionRelease date: September 28, 2010

Guitar Hero: warrior of Rock it s okay its surname from the game’s all-new “Quest Mode,” a story-driven experience where players should use their an abilities to kind an unstoppable team of monster musicians. The goal, to unleash the Demigod of Rock that will face off against The Beast, a malevolent rock-hating creature that… wait, what the hell am i talking about? ns can’t be serious, right?

Yes, this is a point that happens, and it’s the basis for among the most outlandish music game campaign experiences gamers have ever played. Report by Kiss-bassist Gene “I’m gaining a examine for this, right?” Simmons, you’ll play v a number venues unlocking “warrior” ~ “warrior” by completing few of the game’s 90-plus songs. Once fully you’ve rocked fully enough to the game’s liking, you’ll unlock one alter-ego, “rocked out” version of the game’s characters. Punk rocker Johnny Napalm turns into a teleporting elf demon, because that example; snakes, boars, headless horsemen, and an ext are all accounted for.

All that this would certainly be hilarious if tongue-in-cheek comedy to be the to plan goal, yet Warriors of absent takes itself far too seriously at every turn, regardless of the absurdity. When the game’s story and look is often compared to dual Fine’s Brutal Legend (they’re obviously influenced by the very same sources), there’s room too couple of winks and nudges in warrior of Rock for one come laugh comfortably. If there’s a joke, the player is never really allow in on the fun; the transformation scenes and in-game creatures merely stumble awkwardly, the viewer unsure if what they’re watching is comedy yellow or an homage that totally misses its mark. When there are no celebrity rocker appearances here, watching cut Cobain belt the end a Taylor Swift song managed to be less incongruous than a group of on-screen demons harmonizing come Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” The difference here is that Warrior Johnny’s psychopathic widow can’t log right into her Twitter account to complain about it prior to calling her lawyers.


Fans searching for a meaty experience room in because that a treat through Warriors that Rock, together the game’s massive soundtrack is suitable by the number of things the throws in ~ you come do. If the “Quest” have the right to be completed in a few hours (and doesn’t require you play every one of the song — you have the right to skip Nickelback!), you deserve to go earlier and “conquer” every of the tracks for a complete completion. In enhancement to that, the game’s “Quickplay+” offers up a variety of challenges for each and every track in the game, many of them spanning multiple instruments. If you’re a completionist, prepare to spend hrs slaving over the game’s challenges, unlocking venues and items for your produced rockers.

Warriors of rock is a solid guitar Hero giving for sure, and also perhaps among Neversoft’s best, in spite of the weird an innovative decision to encompass monsters in its main experience. It’s a title the packs a ton of content and gameplay ~ above a solitary disc, and its import alternatives for song from vault titles will pad your song selections nicely. However it’s likewise an endure that feels remarkably similar to critical year’s offering, and that’s unfortunate. External of the rockers transforming into demons in the game’s oddball “Quest” mode, this is mainly the same experience as guitar Hero 5. Because that fans the the series, that’s not necessarily a poor thing, and they’ll uncover plenty come love here. However for those feeling burnt out ~ above the music genre, uneven a boar monster shredding on Steve Vai solo gets your heart pounding, warriors of Rock most likely won’t rekindle that dying flame.

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Score: 7 — Good (7s space solid gamings that definitely have an audience. Might lack replay value, can be too short or there room some hard-to-ignore faults, but the endure is fun.)