GTA vice City ~ above Xbox (both the original console and the Xbox 360) has actually a massive range of cheat codes. Uncover them all below!

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Xbox GTA vice City Cheats

A great way to acquire extra hours of fun out the Rockstar Games" cool Theft Auto evil City is by making use of cheats. This is really easy come pull off on your Xbox (either the initial console or on her Xbox 360) and also our overview will teach you how. Unfortunately, the game cannot be played on Xbox One.


Make A brand-new Save


In enhancement to the initial Xbox, GTA evil City is also obtainable on the Xbox 360 and is backwards compatible through Achievements, but these room disabled by cheats. Some cheats are likewise irreversible, for this reason you require a clean save suggest to return to.

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Press the Buttons


To activate a cheat, get in the required button combination on her controller without pausing the game. Tommy might jump around on your screen, but that"s OK!

Successful Activation


If you watch a tiny pop-up it way you"ve properly activated the cheat. Congratulations!

Weapon set 1: appropriate TRIGGER, BLACK, LEFT TRIGGER, BLACK, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UPGives Tony every level 1 weapons with ammo

Weapon set 2: appropriate TRIGGER, BLACK, LEFT TRIGGER, BLACK, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, LEFTGives Tony all level 2 weapons v ammo

Weapon set 3: best TRIGGER, BLACK, LEFT TRIGGER, BLACK, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, DOWNGives Tony all level 3 weapons with ammo

Full Health: ideal TRIGGER, BLACK, LEFT TRIGGER, B, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UPHeals Tony back to full health

Full Armor: appropriate TRIGGER, BLACK, LEFT TRIGGER, A, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UPReplenishes Tony"s armor back to maximum

Ladies" Man: B, A, LEFT TRIGGER, LEFT TRIGGER, BLACK, A, A, B, YTony is followed by female PEDs

Increase wanted Level: ideal TRIGGER, appropriate TRIGGER, B, BLACK, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHTAdds one wanted level

Lower wanted Level: ideal TRIGGER, right TRIGGER, B, BLACK, UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, UP, DOWNDecreases your want level

Suicide: WHITE, DOWN, appropriate TRIGGER, LEFT, LEFT, right TRIGGER, LEFT TRIGGER, WHITE, LEFT TRIGGERTony take away the easy method out

Fast Mode: B, B, LEFT TRIGGER, X, LEFT TRIGGER, X, X, X, LEFT TRIGGER, Y, B, YIncreases motion speed of every characters

Spawn Tank: B, B, LEFT TRIGGER, B, B, B, LEFT TRIGGER, WHITE, best TRIGGER, Y, B, YSpawns a Rhino tank

Spawn Bloodring Banger: UP, RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT TRIGGER, RIGHT, UP, X, WHITESpawns the very first variant that the Bloodring Banger

Spawn Alt Bloodring Banger: DOWN, ideal TRIGGER, B, WHITE, WHITE, A, best TRIGGER, LEFT TRIGGER, LEFT, LEFTSpawns the second variant the the Bloodring Banger

Spawn Sabre Turbo: RIGHT, WHITE, DOWN, WHITE, WHITE, A, ideal TRIGGER, LEFT TRIGGER, B, LEFTSpawns a Sabre Turbo vehicle

Spawn Hotring Racer: right TRIGGER, B, BLACK, RIGHT, LEFT TRIGGER, WHITE, A, A, X, RSpawns the very first variant of the Hotring Racer

Spawn Alt Hotring Racer: BLACK, LEFT TRIGGER, B, RIGHT, LEFT TRIGGER, ideal TRIGGER, RIGHT, UP, B, BLACKSpawns the second variant the the Hotring Racer

Spawn Hearse: DOWN, BLACK, DOWN, best TRIGGER, WHITE, LEFT, appropriate TRIGGER, LEFT TRIGGER, LEFT, RIGHTSpawns Romero"s Hearse