Who Is Gretchen Wilson?

Gretchen Wilson was elevated by her solitary mother in a trailer park and left high college in the ninth grade. Wilson moved to Nashville to go after a musical career and also was eventually discovered by huge and Rich. She go to have actually two platinum-selling albums in 2003 and 2005.

Early Life

Wilson to be born top top June 26, 1973, in Pocahontas, Illinois. Increased in a trailer park through a solitary mother, Wilson left home and dropped out of school in ninth grade. She tended bar and worked in the kitchen at regional clubs, to sing for extra advice to salary the bills.

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Music Career

In 1996, ~ performing for numerous months as lead singer for a local cover band, Wilson moved to Nashville to go after a career in music. Yet it wasn't the overnight success she had dreamed of. For four years, she worked in bars waiting for her huge break. It came in the type of singer-songwriters big & Rich, who heard her song one night and, impressed by her talent, introduced her come the Nashville music community.

Wilson eventually signed through Sony Music Nashville in 2003. Her debut album, Here because that the Party, was certified quadruple platinum thanks in no small component to the chart-topping solitary "Redneck Woman." her 2005 follow-up, All Jacked Up, debuted in ~ No. 1 and also was also certified platinum.



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Carolina Herrera


Bad Bunny

Wilson has continued to bite her career by performing v such nation music legends together Brooks & Dunn and also Montgomery Gentry. In 2004, she won a Grammy compensation for best Female country Vocal Performance and also CMA's coveted Horizon Award. A year later, CMA named her mrs Vocalist the the Year.

Other albums include: One the the guys (2007), I gained Your country Right right here (2008), Right top top Time (2013) Under the Covers (2013) and Christmas in mine Heart (2013).

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Wilson was arrested in august 2018 for supposedly acting "belligerent" if on one American Airlines trip to Connecticut. A spokesperson for the Hartford Judicial ar State's Attorney stated that the country singer was arrested ~ the flight landed and also was charged v a misdemeanor because that breach that peace.

Personal Life

Wilson and former boyfriend Michael Penner have actually a daughter, elegant Frances. 

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