"It's no secret, Miranda and also I have had actually our ups and also downs end the years, and this was absolutely at a low point at ours relationship," Blake Shelton speak The Boot about the day he very first heard the song 'God provided Me You.' "I was flipping with stations and landed on a modern-day Christian station, and also that tune came on, and also I almost had to pull the van over. I felt choose I was hearing that song at that moment for a reason."

As fate would have it, the spiritual tune was penned by Dave Barnes, an additional Nashville-based singer-songwriter, who released the song as the lead single from his 2010 album, 'What we Want, What us Get.' Barnes shared with The boots the story behind his very very first country radio single.

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I had actually the etc line and hook and loved it, however I couldn't really come up v anything to carry out with that ... I forgot about it because that a while. Then i got along with a friend of mine, Matt Wertz, to write some songs, and also I uncovered that idea again and showed it to him, and also he loved it.

Unfortunately because that Wertz, incentive didn't strike the afternoon. That wasn't until after Barnes left that session that 'God provided Me You' was written.

I got home that afternoon and immediately wrote the song. The title involved me on a trip to London, randomly enough, so ns just included the music, and also it was off come the races.

Despite the song's success, Wertz assures there is no animosity in between the longtime friends, although there may be a little playful jab every now and then.

I had to call and also tell Matt I had written a song about the idea, which he was completely fine with, even though he had asked me to organize the idea because that him. He still messes v me around that. Once I heard the it was making record, i was therefore excited! especially in exactly how it gained there: the wasn't pitched, it was found. That's the best since the artist has such a different attachment the way.

The truth that that heard the on the radio and also wanted to document it since it meant something to him and also Miranda blows my mind. It's still difficult to think it's top top the radio. Writing so much on Music Row and knowing the procedure of exactly how songs gain cut and also picked because that radio, it's amazing to me that 'God offered Me You' survived the whole process. I'm therefore thankful!

The pop songwriter, who also claims credit for the Billy Currington fan favorite 'Until You' admits to setting his sights top top the Nashville country songwriting community.

I have been creating a lot on Music row in the last couple of years. I'm trying to get more songs taped by country artists, both songs from my previous albums and songs that I'm creating with various other Nashville writers. It's a really fun challenge and new discipline.

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Barnes also reveals he has actually a nation music "bucket list" when it involves other artist performing his songs.

I'd love to hear Gary Levox singing something I had a part of writing. Carrie Underwood, Lady Antebellum, Keith Urban, the list goes on and on. There room so numerous talented nation singers the end there today.