The paranasal sinuses (four, paired, air-filled spaces) surround the sleep cavity, and are located over and in between the eyes, and also behind the ethmoids.

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Key Points

The sinuses space because that the facial bones that they are located behind. Over there are four sinuses; the maxillary, frontal, ethmoid, and also sphenoid. Paranasal sinuses kind developmentally v excavation the bone through air-filled sacs from the nasal cavity. This process begins prenatally and also continues through the course of an individual’s lifetime. The biological duty of the sinuses is debated, yet a variety of possible features have to be proposed: decreasing weight of the face; increasing resonance the voice; buffer versus blows; insulating sensitive structures from fast temperature fluctuations; and also humidifying and also heating that inhaled air.

Key Terms

paranasal sinuses: A team of four, paired, air-filled spaces that surround the sleep cavity (maxillary sinuses), over the eye (frontal sinuses), in between the eyes (ethmoid sinuses), and behind the eyes (sphenoid sinuses).

Structure that the Paranasal Sinuses


Skull Sinuses: This image shows the place of the sinuses in the person skull.

Paranasal sinuses are a group of four, paired, air-filled spaces the surround the sleep cavity (maxillary sinuses), above the eye (frontal sinuses), in between the eye (ethmoid sinuses), and also behind the eyes (sphenoid sinuses). The sinuses space for the facial bones that they are located behind.

The maxillary sinuses (also referred to as the maxillary antrechea, the biggest of the paranasal sinuses) are located under the orbits in the maxillary bones. The frontal sinuses space superior come the orbits and also are in the frontal bone. The ethmoid sinuses space from numerous discrete air cells within the ethmoid bone in between the nose and the orbits. The sphenoid sinuses room in the sphenoid bone in ~ the center of the skull basic under the pituitary gland. The paranasal sinuses room lined through respiratory epithelium.

The paranasal sinuses form developmentally through excavation that bone through air-filled sacs (pneumatic diverticula) from the nasal cavity. This procedure begins prenatally and continues with the course of one individual’s lifetime.

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Function the the Paranasal Sinuses

The biological role of the sinuses is debated, but a variety of possible functions have been proposed. This include:

decreasing the loved one weight the the former of the skull, and also especially the skeleton of the face. Boosting resonance the the voice. Giving a buffer versus blows to the face. Insulating sensitive structures like dental roots and eyes from quick temperature fluctuations in the nasal cavity. Humidifying and also heating the inhaled air because of sluggish air sales in this region. Regulation that intranasal and serum gas pressures. Immunological defense.