The tattoo artist, 39, announced top top Instagram Tuesday the she is closing her "beloved" High Voltage Tattoo shop, which was featured in the TLC reality display LA Ink. Von D launched her service after leaving Miami Ink in 2007 due to a dispute with other cast members — and also starred top top the L.A. Spinoff for four seasons.

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"As few of you know, we recently purchased a beautiful home on a bit of floor in rural Indiana, and the an ext time we invest out there we realize we feel much more at residence there 보다 we do right here in LA," she created on Instagram, alongside several photos the the West Hollywood location and some of her customers.

Von D continued: "After lot thought, we have chose we will permanently be moving to Indiana at the end of this year. We setup on offering our beautiful home here, and also I will certainly most likely open a personal studio in Indiana once we are done v the house remodel there."

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highvoltagetat here in West Hollywood ~ above Dec 1. I didn't think it would certainly make feeling to save it open if ns wasn't present, and also aside native coming earlier to occupational on music through my band, we don't plan on returning to LA an extremely often," she concluded.

Von D married Prayers vocalist Leafar Seyer in Feb. 2018 and welcomed their boy Leafar Von D Reyes in Dec. 2018.



The success that both High Voltage Tattoo and also LA octopus furthered Von D's career as a assembly artist and entrepreneur. She launched Kat Von D beauty, beauty (now KVD Beauty) in 2008, creating cult favorite commodities including the shade + irradiate Eye edge Palette, Everlasting fluid Lipsticks and also the Tattoo Liner, before selling she shares that the firm in January 2020.

The celebrity tattoo artist revealed the news on Instagram in a heartfelt article explaining, "I just can't do everything."

"This past year has been one of good change because that me," Von D composed alongside a photo of herself, attract red lipstick and also black gloves through the native "My dearest fans…" plastered throughout the shot.

"As many of girlfriend know, I gave birth to my beautiful infant boy, introduced my vegan shoes line, and also now liven prepping to relax my long-awaited album in the Spring, adhered to by an international tour!" Von D wrote.

"As much as i wish I can balance every one of this, on peak of proceeding my assembly line, it has end up being clear come me the I simply can't do every little thing at the preferably capacity," Von D continued, including "It's tough to recognize this, since I've always said 'You can do everything and also anything.'"

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