The small things paris randomly around your office? They"re most likely fungus gnats, an annoying insect that lives in the soil of potted plants....

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If you could actually check out the small suckers, this is what a fungus gnat would certainly look like. You"re welcome. Photo: Peter Ruhr, an innovative Commons, some civil liberties reserved

Feb 17, 2014 — The small things flying randomly approximately your office? They"re most likely fungus gnats, an annoying pest that stays in the soil of potted plants. Lock eat fungus in the soil, and overwatering offers them a lovely habitat to thrive in.

Cooperative expansion horticulturist Amy Ivy states fungus gnats aren"t lot of the threat to the plant, and there are means to manage them.

Fungus gnats space a symptom the you"re not watering her houseplants properly, for this reason the an initial thing to perform to combat the little darlings is take it an inventory of her plants" drainage: perform your pots have an excellent drainage? space you letting the water sit in the saucer? If there"s a problem, you must repot those plants so the small darlings don"t have a place to go.

The soil will certainly be full of fungus he knows larvae, so get rid of that and also knock as much as possible off the plant. Scrub the end the pot and also repot utilizing fresh potting mix, i m sorry is because that the most part sterile.

That and also a brand-new watering policy must really do a difference, yet if you just repot the plant without transforming the watering plant, or if friend don"t shower off enough soil, the gnats will certainly return.

You can also make a difficult trap to gain the adults as they go back to the tree to put the next batch that the eggs. Miscellaneous yellow smeared v a nice special layer the petroleum jelly, placed level on the rim of the pot sticky side up, will carry out the trick as they"ll be attractive to the yellow color. To gain the larvae, cut a life potato into a French fry shape and also stick it right into the pot. They"ll be attractive to that and start eat the potato, and you can just pull them out in addition to it. It"s a an excellent science same project!

And there"s no allude in spraying insecticide around the room, since the larvae room in the plants. For this reason you"ll just be spraying yourself.

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