I have a 25 caliber pistol stamped Florida firearms Corp Miami Fla. Make in Italy Serial# 010606 AG GALESI. I would favor any and also all details I deserve to get concerning this firearm including how to disassemble and also clean it also can i get another magazine.

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Massseur: her Galesi pistol to be made by Industria Armi Galesi that Collobeato/Brescia, Italy in the duration circa 1950-1955.

In 1955 the name was readjusted to Rigarmi di Rino Galesi i beg your pardon marketed pistols v both the Rigarmi and also Galesi name until import to be banned by the "Saturday Night Special" provisions the the 1968 Gun control Act.

There will be a day code located with the evidence marks top top the right side that the pistol i m sorry is a roman inn Numeral. If you supply the roman numeral, I deserve to tell girlfriend the year of manufacture or you can google Italian days of to produce code.

Retail value for a gun in an excellent or better condition would selection from $100 come $200 depending on mechanical and also bore condition and also remaining original steel finish.

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Original magazines space occasionally obtainable on ebay, www.gunbroker.com and also www.gunauction.com. And will be listed as one of two people a design 9 or design 503.