Frank Dux

Few world are mindful of exactly how the so late Bruce Lee – back a people famous star the martial arts films – was among the many controversial and also ridiculed martial artists in ~ the martial arts community.

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Lee likened the criticism to the children’s video game of “King of The Hill” because various world took turns, it appeared to him, sometimes ganging increase on him, to press him off his peak of the hill place in martial arts.

Two great martial arts fighters. Vic Moore (l), the an initial black to end up being a nationwide karate champion, in an exhibition that speed and also Bruce Lee (r). While Dux never got the chance to hit Bruce Lee, he had two matches v Vic Moore. Both finished in draws.

Having witnessed the defamation that Bruce Lee, it aided me procedure the falsehoods said around myself after I climbed to some prominence and my fights came to the attention of black color Belt magazine which led to a movie around a part of my life, referred to as Bloodsport, certification Jean Claude valve Damme as me.

Poster used in the movie Bloodsport.

But together the Ninja heat developed, mine school’s surname conflicted through what specific so-called ninja teachers that advertised in details martial arts magazines were peddling, i m sorry was that Ninjutsu/Ninja is a hundreds of years old type of “martial art”.

This i knew was a money making scam, males calling themselves ninjas and selling their bogus “centuries old” ninja fighting hand-operated courses, seminars and products.

The ninja martial arts myth perpetrators and the martial arts magazines profiting indigenous their proclaiming propagated that only one authentic lineage existed, dubbed “Togakure-ryu.” The linchpin the their claim of authenticity to be a secret headmaster “Toda”, who, unlike my teacher, Tanaka, there yes, really is no evidence of his existence found anywhere in Japan.

So, with perfect fake news reporting, the professional witness who declared Tanaka did not exist, that was my competitor in business, peddling a bogus history of ancient lineage, is quoted as saying mine teacher was not real.

Bruce Lee, exhausted of the carping criticism, formed an alliance with the martial arts magazines – an especially Rainbow publications mogul Mito Ohara, (who published black belt magazine and also many others). Through Lee’s advertising and Ohara’s public machine, Lee began to get over the criticism and hateful decided heaped on that in the envious civilization of faux martial arts.

After his untimely death, his wife Linda Lee and also her brand-new husband marketed Lee’s image magnificently through his snapshot making the sheathe of every leading martial art magazine several times a year for decades and with books published in his name long after his death.

So, I have the right to tell friend from personal observation, that the people of medicine trafficking at time pales in comparison to the cut-throat company of some martial arts businesses.

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For my part, i owe a great debt to my honored teacher, the late and also highly revered Senzo Tanaka and I am grateful to my hundreds of students, my tens of hundreds of correspondents and also readers, and the people about the people who ns hear from virtually every job of mine life that say they were inspired by Bloodsport, the movie about my life.