Shotguns are amongst the many distinguishable weapons around, and none may be as recognizable as the Franchi SPAS-12. Even if it is you understand it indigenous the Terminator or Jurassic Park movies or indigenous pretty much any type of shooting game in the previous thirty years, the SPAS-12 is one of the most famous shotguns in the world. Originally, Franchi dispersed the Spas-12 for military and also law enforcement, however they ultimately went top top to offer it to civilian together a sporting weapon. Primarily designed for combat, that excelled together an anti-riot gun due to its rapid-fire, accessorizing ability, and also capacity come fire non-lethal ammo.

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Although the Spas-12 is still used approximately the civilization by military and also police, it didn’t last long as a civilian weapon. Although quite intimidating, the Franchi shotgun proved to be as well awkward to be a useful hunting or compete shotgun. Furthermore, the unified States at some point banned the Spas-12 as a an outcome of that is “militaristic” design. This punch to Franchi’s sales in enhancement to its minimal market prompted them to end production of the Spas-12 in 2000, ending its two-decade reign. However, the influence and also notoriety lugged on, especially after Franchi go on to craft the Spas-15, which we’ll acquire to later.In today’s review, we’re walking to be breaking down the historical Spas-12 and also see how it came to be one that the many renowned shotguns in the world.

While you’re here, don’t forget to review up ~ above the reemerging brand behind the Spas-12: TheFranchi guns Company!

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Spas-12 Specifications

Franchi Spas-12

Model: Franchi SPAS-12 Caliber: 12 Ga Capacity: 8 Type: Semi-Automatic / Pump action Barrel Length: 21.5” overall Length: 40.98” load (Unloaded): 9.7 lbs. (4.40 kg) Sights: iron Sights Cost: roughly $1,500

Spas-12 develop & Construction

Although the Franchi Special purpose Automatic Shotgun (SPAS-12) was available in number of configurations, its an easy design is automatically noticeable. The first thing most world spot on these shotguns is your folded steel stock. However, Franchi additionally manufactured the Spas-12 through detachable wooden and synthetic stocks. The being said, you can easily argue the the forend handguard that envelops many of the tube magazine, to be its most distinguishing feature.

As a combat weapon primarily, the Spas-12 was frequently fired indigenous the hip. Together a result, sights to be optional and somewhat uncommon. However, individuals who wanted a conventional sight system had the alternative of a rear aperture iron and front blade sights. In one of their an ext unusual attempts at boosting the Spas, Franchi offered a steel butt hook attached to the behind of the stock. They had actually hoped the this would boost its one-handed shoot ability, but it confirmed to it is in impractical considering the Spas’ heavy build and powerful recoil.

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Unlike most shotguns top top the market, the Spas-12 featured two safeties. The an initial option was a push switch safety which Franchi eventually had to recall. The malfunctioning that these lever safeties took a huge hit come Franchi’s sales and also reputation which take it a if to recover from. The second safety on the Spas-12 to be a quick employment security which disconnected the create while in safe mode.

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