I repaint well, never ever use stain. Acquired what I believed was a one-step repaint from Ikea, and also a pine side table. An initial coat spanned weakly (because it was stain). I wasn't alarmed since a evaluation said it took plenty of coats.

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..after 3 coats ns realized this is stain and also remembered it's supposed to it is in wiped off. Currently I don't want to pull it every off. It's a $30 pine next table.. Deserve to i simply shlack this point as is? will certainly the shlack adhere come the coat of dried stain?


If you want to wipe the dried stain,soak a rag in lacquer thinner and wipe end the item till the shade is even,then use a waterbase poly to peak coat with 3 coats The laq diluent should reduced thru the dried stain.do that in a fine ventilated area or it will knock you on her butt

Did you mean shellac? If so, you space going to want to shot to wipe turn off as much excess stain together possible. Unfortunately if friend haven't excellent this already the coats you put on space probably an extremely sticky and cannot it is in wiped. Ns would suggest trying to wipe the stain away through a rag soaked in mineral spirits and also then let dry fully before using either an ext stain or the shellac. If you speak screw it and shot to include finish currently you will have actually a mess on your hands and the finish will not organize up.

You can also wipe on one more coat the stain let it sit because that a second and then wipe it off. The solvent in the stain should enable the previous coats come wipe off without possibly taking it every off which mineral spirits could do. Yet if the a huge sticky chaos mineral spirits may be the method to go.

If it's dry it'll take it finish. If not, you're fucked and have to remove stain or acquire a brand-new IKEA table.

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From the sound of OP's situation, there appears to it is in a most product top top the surface. If you deserve to scratch the stain off v your fingernail, you've obtained an issue. The solids/residue left top top the surface ar after one (or many) un-wiped coat(s) the stain has dried is no a an excellent base great for any kind of finish. This residual class is not expected to be a bonding layer, and also is acting as a very poorly adhered movie layer, and also stains are not meant to be movie finishes. They are meant come soak into the wood, and also still allow future topcoats to bond or soak in as necessary to the substrate. If this is the case, I would certainly say your finest bet is to clean turn off the piece with thinner/mineral spirits and also let the dry. There will certainly still be some color from the stain left in the wood. If you think the you want a darker color, try sanding the wood with 120 or 150 grit paper. The more aggressive bite permits for deeper stain penetration, and can provide you a darker tone. The trade-off is you have to be cautious about showing sanding marks. Sand lightly v the grain to help attain the finest results. Permit the sandpaper do the work.