It doesn’t really issue whether we space talking about PIN numbers, phone number or her phone’s accessibility code, nearly all of us have actually experienced the ache of not being able come remember vital number in ~ some point or another. The Ford keyless entry code is no different, and that’s why I developed this guide to reset it.

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How come Reset Ford Keyless entry without manufacturing facility Code

Well, unless you room in an extreme emergency, friend will require some time to reset your code and start the car. In this guide, I will certainly answer the question, what is the keyless mechanism used in Ford and also how does that operate? and also will likewise answer the question, how do i reset a Ford Keyless Entry there is no the manufacturing facility Code.

Before I offer you that exceptional three step hack to uncover the manufacturing facility 5-digit code in any Ford that has actually this mechanism, stop look in ~ what the system does.


Depending ~ above the car make and also model, the keypad is usually found near the driver’s window. Pushing on the keypad will make it irradiate up which makes pushing the right combination code easy and also fast. Remember, don’t push the code in as well fast, or the system could not accept the code. If this happens, simply re-enter the password again.

The Ford Keyless entry mechanism provides the adhering to functions:

Lock or unlock the doorsRecalls conserved seat and also mirror positionsArms and disarms the anti-theft alarmOpens the trunkPrograms and erases an individual entry codes

The device comes with a factory set 5-digit code which is found in the initial wallet card that was placed in the gloves box and is also accessible from an authorized dealer. However, if you carry out not have a new car, these can not exist, and also in this case, except memory and also writing the code down, friend have one more option, and also that is to regimen up to five x 5-digit personal entry codes.

Now, let’s take a look at the functions mentioned above.

Unlocking and also Locking the Doors

Unlocking: enter the 5-digit code, or your an individual code Make sure you press each number within five seconds then press 3•4 within 5 seconds of each other. Once this occurs, the inner lamps will illuminate, and also all the automobile doors will unlock.

Locking: Make sure the driver’s door is closed, climate press and also hold 7•8 and also 9•0 simultaneously. Friend don’t need to get in the 5-digit password for this operation.

Opening the Trunk: enter the 5-digit password or your an individual code Make certain you push each number within 5 seconds then push 5•6 within 5 seconds of each other.


Program a personal Code

Enter the factory-set code and also then push 1•2 within 5 seconds.Now go into your personal 5-digit code. Remember, you need to press each number within 5 seconds of every other. Then push 1•2 to save your personal very first personal code.To check you were effective the doors will certainly lock and also unlock.You can include up to 5 different codes making use of this method, and the only difference in between each code is the number you push for confirming them:For password 2 push 3•4For password 3 push 5•6For password 4 push 7•8For code 5 push 9•0

After setting your 5 codes, the factory code will still operate, so you now have actually 6 options to forget.

Recall a storage position

Entering a personal code will return the saved position for every driver, so if you developed a code for a specific position you need to get in that code into the system to return the position.

Erasing a personal Code

You can erase personal codes by simply entering the factory-set 5-digit code and also then press and release 1•2 within 5 seconds, then press and hold 1•2 for 2 seconds, yet make sure you carry out this within 5 seconds from pressing 1•2 the an initial time. Now all the an individual codes room erased.

Anti-Scan Function

There is an anti-scan system in ar when 35 sequential numbers are entered incorrectly; the mechanism will lock under for one minute. You have the right to reset the device by performing among the following procedures:

Wait the one minute.Press unlock ~ above the far controlTurn top top the ignitionUse intelligent access to unlock the carEnter the factory set code

Finding the manufacturing facility 5-Digit Code

Using the incorporated Keyhead Transmitters

You can screen the factory-set code in the details display, but to perform this, girlfriend will require two programmed passive anti-theft keys. Make certain you have actually a pen and record or have actually a smartphone video camer ready in photo mode.

Insert one key into the ignition and switch on because that a few seconds.Then eliminate the an essential and repeat v the second key.Sometimes, before the factory-set code will display screen other warning messages will certainly appear, and also then for a couple of seconds the manufacturing facility code.Either create down the password or take it a fast photo the it.

Using Intelligent accessibility Keys

To screen the factory-set password in the details display, girlfriend will require both programmed intelligent accessibility keys.

Slide the an initial programmed an essential in the back-up slot within the center console.Make sure the vital ring is at the tip, and the buttons are encountering the rear.Now press the START/STOP button once, wait a couple of seconds and then press it again and also then remove the key.Now slide the end the an essential and slide in the second vital and push the START/STOP button.Sometimes, before the factory-set code will display other warning messages will appear, and then because that a few seconds the factory code.Either create down the code or take a fast photo the it.

Can ns reset the Ford Keyless Entry there is no the manufacturing facility Code?

The price is: No.

You need the code; the manufacturing facility code is the only means to program and also use the system. So, if girlfriend cannot find it, cannot accessibility it, then you must hack it, and also here is the simplest, and also easiest an approach to hack a 5-Digit factory code form all and also every Ford car that offers the keyless system.

Hack: detect the 5-Digit code

Yes, the happens, friend don’t have actually any method to find the 5-digit factory code. One of two people you are just unlucky, or you room a auto thief, and you want to start the automobile without the code. So, right here goes.

Remote Anti-theft Personality (RAP) Module

Since girlfriend don’t have the code, you have to accessibility the rap which is discovered in a removable panel at the ago of the vehicle.

Remove the lab Panel

You will need a flashlight. Find the panel, to remove it turn the two-thumb counterclockwise.

Locate the 5 digit Code

Shine the flashlight top top the module and also look because that a label, it has the factory code published on it.

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Sometimes, it doesn’t matter just how clever a device is, or exactly how secure the is, or if you have a user’s manual, accessibility to the distributor or also special keys. All you require is some usual sense and a hack. In this instance, the 5-digit vital code is put in its complete glory on the actual rap module, wherein you deserve to see the number in former of your face. An additional option is utilizing a one-of-a-kind programmer device that web links up to the OEM with the ODBII, not every one of them offer you the 5-digit feature, but some have been tweaked to do so.