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A lot of foods items start through the letter F. They taste pretty an excellent and space fun to eat. Food the starts with the letter F has actually a small bit that everything. Whether you prefer fish, fruit, French fries, or also fudge, this list has something for everyone. Make sure you shot some of these distinct foods.

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Flageolet Bean

Flageolet beans are a member of the French bean category. They are around 5 inches long and virtually the same diameter. They room a eco-friendly bean with a yellow line running under one sid


Flan is basically a cross between a custard and also a pudding, with a dense texture and also a caramelized, slightly sweet optimal layer that crust.


The flank is a primal cut of beef or a cut of meat indigenous the i know well or loin. It is among the tougher, leaner cuts, and also while the is a great cooking ingredient come use, flank steaks also make for good serving cuts. Flank steaks are great for grilling, because they stand approximately a an excellent seasoning and also they are much better medium to well done.


flapjacks are flat cakes the pancakes which are generally thicker than other species of pancakes. Flapjacks are simple to make and are a great choice for camping since they space durable and also can be cooked end an open fire. Flapjacks can be do from a range of ingredients consisting of oatmeal, wheat flour, peanuts, and even egg and also bacon.

Flat Bean

Flat bean is a new variety the beans. The shape and also texture of level bean can be compared to the of a flat disc. It is easily accessible in the industry in various colors, white, red, black, orange, brown etc. It is affluent in fibers and nutrients.

Flat Lemon

It is a type of lemon renowned in India, has a bumpy, planarization shape. It’s a citrus fruit the is yellow in color and is a variety of a lemon. Castle are also referred to as kinkanna, kinkhara, or kinkhla. They have actually a thin, loosened peel and are used in cooking, specifically in the southern provinces of India. That is likewise used in preparing pickles and also chutneys. The juice is offered for making desserts and beverages.


Flatbread is a food clip in numerous parts that the world. From totality wheat to spinach and feta come sweet potato flatbreads, yes a flatbread for every occasion and also taste. And while the beginnings of flatbread space unclear, one thing is certain: flatbread is not simply a simple slice the bread. The a tasty, flexible staple that deserve to be provided in so countless ways.


Flatfish include any of a variety of flat-bodied fishes. This contains halibut, flounder, turbot, and brill. Flatfish are characterized by both your unusual form (which earned castle the nickname fluke) and also their taste, which is comparable to that of other white fish. Most flatfish are captured in the wild, and also some room farmed.

Flatwoods Plum

The Flatwoods plum, a variety of plum developed and also patented by the West Virginia university in the US, is a hybrid range of plum that renders for best jam. Its meat is juicy and also sweet, and it has a odor that’s similar to apricots. The Flatwoods plum is a cross between the Shiro plum and the Satsuma plum, 2 hybrid arrays of plum that are renowned in Japan and also the united state respectively.


Flax is a plant that is grown for its seeds. Flax seeds are small and ovoid in shape, and come in a range of colors, indigenous white come shades that brown. Flax seeds deserve to be consumed raw or toasted, and have a crunchy texture.


Flitch is the surname of a thick part of bacon native the belly of a pig. Bacon was initially made as a way to keep pork, as salt pork was the only kind of kept meat available in the winter. It’s still a staple of the American breakfast today, and is also served in a range of key as component of numerous different cultures.

Florina Pepper

Florina pepper is a pepper the is provided to include flavour to food. The is usually provided in the Mediterranean, and is recognized as the queen that peppers. It is much less spicy than a common pepper, yet much sweeter. It is a bright red colour, and also has a taste that is best described together earthy.


Flounder is a level fish the is also known together the “Doormat Fish” for its habit of lying on the bottom that the ocean. That is delicious, especially when that is lightly breaded and fried.


Flour is a food product do from wheat, rye, barley, oats, or spelt, which offers a an excellent flavor and also texture in preparation of baked goods. Many types of flour are made from this plants, and also they are called as such: whole-wheat flour, stone-ground flour, rice flour, and rye flour.


Flummery is a soft, sweet, jiggly food make from fruit. It is especially popular in the southerly United States and North West England. The most common types of flummery room made indigenous apples, blackberries, or rhubarb.

Fluted Pumpkin

Fluted pumpkin is a various kind that pumpkin 보다 the one you’re more than likely used to. It has actually the same general shape and also color, yet the meat of is much sweeter. It’s often used in French cuisine, and is a famous ingredient in plenty of dishes.


Fondant is a sugar-based icing and also is a mixture the a gum, a liquid, and also a sugar. They make fondant easily accessible in different colors, depending upon the lightness, or darkness, that the color of the fondant. Fondant have the right to be rolled or cut. That is a versatile food that can be offered for decorating cakes and cupcakes, or offered as a spanning for chocolate or caramel-filled chocolates.


Fondue is just melted cheese the is eaten with bread. Often, that is paired v wine, broth or fruit juice. Fondue has actually been about for hundreds of years, and it is a traditional dish in many European and also Asian cuisines. The is also a fun, interactive enjoy the meal to prepare and also serve.

Fonzy Melon

This melon is a cross in between a honeydew and also a cantaloupe.

Ford hooks

Ford hooks are one of the most well-known brands that frozen fried chicken commonly found in the frozen aisle of her grocery store. They likewise come in various shapes and also sizes depending upon what her taste buds are craving. They are battered and seasoned chicken strips that room breaded and also deep-fried.

Forelle Pear

The Forelle Pear is a pear-shaped selection of apple that is unique to the unified States.


Foreshank is a classic European dish of meat native the calf’s foreleg.

Forno Beets

Forno Beets room a distinctive take ~ above the beet. The sugar beet is a vegetable the is known for it’s red, deep color and also earthy taste.

Fox Grape

The fox grape is a distinct fruit that can be consumed fresh, canned, or made into juice and also wine.

Fox Nut

You may have actually never heard the Fox Nut. It’s no a spice or a meat product like beef jerky or bacon. It’s a roasted seed that originated in Peru and is now grown in the unified States.

Fra Diavolo

Fra Diavolo is a spicy tomato sauce of Italian origin. The is a spicy and garlicky tomato sauce. Traditionally, it’s served on pasta as a main course, periodically with a item of fish.

Framboise Apples

Framboise Apples are a selection of apple the ripens in beforehand September and are often used to make jams, pies, compotes, and tarts. The name originates from framboise , the French word because that raspberry, which they resemble in both appearance and flavor.


Frangipane is a blend of floor almonds, butter, sugar, and also eggs offered as a filling because that pastries such as tarts and pies. That is a classic French pastry filling that is for this reason widely supplied in the country that versions of it have actually been embraced by many European nations.


Frankfurter is a form of sausage . There are many species of this famous sausage, yet the most well-known one is dubbed the Frankfurter. That is a long thin sausage that is made with ground meat, which is climate a organic casing, come be consumed on a bun. The frankfurter is the most common sausage in the American Market, and also today we are going to explore the background of this sausage.

Freckles Lettuce

Freckles Lettuce is a lettuce that has small brown point out on its leaves. It looks a little like a small face, type of prefer a drawing of a freckle.


Freekeh is a eco-friendly wheat product the is roasted and also has a flavor similar to a cross in between bulgur wheat and also couscous. That is likewise reported to it is in a an excellent source that protein and fiber. The wheat is harvested once it is still young and also green and also is roasted while that is tho in that shell. This offers the freekeh a distinctive flavor and also mouthfeel.

French Beans

French Beans room a kind of beans, and also they are related to various other beans prefer navy beans, pinto beans, and black-eyed peas. Additionally known as “filet beans”, they room slender, pale environment-friendly beans that have actually a special skin and also a sweet, nutty flavor. The beans are harvested in ~ an immature stage, therefore they are not as big as a maturation bean.


The fricandeau or fricandeu , the French variation of the English beef Wellington, is a French dish of meat braised in a wine sauce.


Fricassee is a French term because that a dish in i m sorry the ingredient are cut up or shredded into small pieces and also cooked in a sauce or gravy. Fricassee is generally made v poultry, vegetables, or legumes. The chicken or other meat is cut up into pieces and also cooked.

Fried Chicken Mushroom

In the human being of food, fried chicken mushroom is thought about as a optimal 10 food in the world. The is a savoury dish v a an excellent taste which is prepared using the both chicken and mushroom. Fried chicken mushroom is a dish that is flavored based on what you are using.


Friedcake is a term provided to define a cake that has been fried in a skillet. Originally, friedcakes or fried cakes to be made without the usage of flour, and also were traditionally fried in lard. Friedcakes are closely related come fritters. They may be served with syrup, fruit, or whipped cream, and also with powdered sugar, honey, or jam.


The French fried food is the one of the most widely known and also consumed preparations of potatoes. That is normally a long, thin item of deep-fried potato which can be consumed as a snack or a next dish.


Frisee is a leafy green vegetable that is additionally known as curly endive. Frisee is a kind of chicory through a bitter flavor comparable to endive. This vegetable is generally used to do salads, soups, and also garnishes. Frisee is usually found in most food markets, but can occasionally be daunting to find.


Frittata is an Italian dish of beaten egg that space cooked gradually over low warm in a frying pan come ensure the bottom cooks before the top. Once the food is cooked, the edges space rolled-inwards, so the the frittata is more thick in the middle and thinner around the edges


Fritters are generally made through leftover ingredients and also are deep fried in oil. Fritters can be savory prefer zucchini, onion and bell pepper and also cheese or sweet favor pineapple and also banana. Some timeless fritters incorporate apple fritters and crab fritters.


That white creamy quality that renders you want to simply dive best in and eat it by itself? yeah thats called frosting and also it’s made up of a couple of basic ingredients including butter, powdered sugar, vanilla, and milk. It’s the sweet stuff you placed on peak of a cupcake that’s no wet, yet it’s very rich and also creamy.

Fruit de Mer

Fruit de mer is a classic French seafood stew, consists of a wide range of seafood in different sizes and textures. That is usually offered in a big bowl, and also the ingredients space piled on peak of each other. The seafood usually consists of shrimp, crayfish, king crab, lobster, clams, oysters, mussels, squid, and snails.


Fruitcake is something civilization either love or hate. The cake itself is a dense, rich, sweet cake studded with chopped or entirety dried fruit, nuts, and spices. That is an extremely heavy, and really rich. It’s origins can be traced ago to the center ages.


Frumenty is a type of porridge or gruel do from spelt. The is historically a european dish, and also is still all set in countless places in the world. During the center Ages, the was very popular, an especially in France, and also it stays a classic dish in the Norman cook of northwestern France.


Fucales are a class of brown algae, and they’re a common ingredient in soups and also condiments in Asia. They’re an interesting enhancement to the diet, as they have a number of health benefits.


Fudge is a sweet confection made with sugar, milk, butter, and various flavorings. It can also be made through nuts, coconut, or other flavors (or both). Fudge is usually made by cooking together sugar and also milk till they with the soft sphere stage.

Fugu Blowfish

Fugu Blowfish is a very delicious fish, yet it is exceptionally toxic. It will certainly kill you, and it is the many poisonous fish in the world. The fish is additionally known as Pufferfish and blowfish.

Fuji Apple

Well, ns say Fuji apologize is a selection of apple that is perfect because that fall. This is the moment of the season when this selection of apologize is in season. This apple variety is a fight in the market, and also that is why many farmers are creating these apples. This is a selection that has gained a distinctive flavor and also taste, and it is a good choice because that those who desire to move up your food choices.

Fukushu Kumquat

Fukushu kumquat is a fruit that is taseful and have smooth texture and can be offered to make dessert, soup, and other various dishes. This fruit is tiny in size, oval shaped, dark environment-friendly in color, and has seeds.


Fungi room a huge and diverse group of biology that includes mushrooms, molds and yeasts. Most fungi are molds, and reproduce by making spores. Many fungi room decomposers, and assist in the breaking under of organic matter.

Futsu Squash

Futsu Squashes space a distinct kind that squash that space used mainly in Japanese cooking. The Futsu squash has actually a tough exterior that renders it appropriate for grilling and also roasting. This squash is additionally called Japanese pumpkin because of its shape and also size.

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Fuyu Persimmon

Fuyu Persimmon is a sweet, very delicious fruit that is consumed raw or cooked. The is a winter fruit, harvest in late fall and also early winter, and also is available in some areas year round. Fuyu persimmons room small, through a hard skin, and also depending top top the variety, deserve to be one of two people yellow or orange.

Final Thoughts

Conclusion paragraph: ns hope you enjoyed this perform of the optimal 90 foodstuffs that begin with F. If so, please feel totally free to leave a comment below! as always, if over there is any kind of topic or food letter the you would favor me come blog around next, let me recognize in the comments section and I will shot my ideal to accommodate your request as soon as possible. Give thanks to you because that reading!