There are some really exciting foods that begin with “n.” From everyday favorites to exotic worldwide dishes, you’re sure to discover some new favorites top top this list!

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Indian foods That start With N

Indian cuisine functions a variety of dishes that begin with the letter “n.”

naan - leavened flatbread namak para - bite-sized crunchy fried wheat flour snacksnankhata - delicious Indian cookies flavored v cardamom; comparable in appearance and texture to butter cookiesnarial kalakand - Indian liquid made with coconut, sugar and cardamomnavratna korma - sweet vegetarian curry combine pineapples with a range of vegetablesnellikai - gooseberries that flourish in India; generally used in Indian cuisinenippattu - crunchy crackers enjoyed as snacks in India; made with rice flour, nuts and also spices

Italian foods items That begin With N

Italian cuisine includes some dishes, ingredients and cooking styles that begin with the letter “n.”

napoletana - style of cooking associated with Naples; dishes ready alla napoletana function eggplant and tomatoesnecci crepes - tasty crepes made v chestnut flour; eaten on their own or with soft cheese; linked with Tuscan an ar nethili meen curry - well-known curry food that features anchovies together the main ingredientnocce - Italian word because that walnutnocciole - Italian hazelnuts

More international Dishes That start With N

Indian and also Italian cuisine can not use cornered the industry on foods that start with “n.” A variety of other countries are known for tasty bowl that start with this letter.

naengmyeon - korean cold noodles; thin, chewy noodles offered cold with miscellaneous kinds that saucenapoleon - layered dessert that attributes cream between layers that puff pastry; often contains pieces the fruit and/or small chunks or drizzles of chocolatenargesi - flavorful spiced spinach and egg dish; Persian cuisinenasi goreng - Indionesian fried rice dish known for its well-off umami flavor; typically served v a fried egg and also garnished v fresh vegetables (such as chopped cucumber, environment-friendly onions or tomatoes)neeps and also tatties - Scottish dish the combines chopped turnip root, rutabaga or swede through potatoesninos envueltos - Dominican food featuring a cabbage sheet wrapped about spiced soil beef and also rice nopalitos salad - mexico salad highlighting strips the prickly pear cactus pads (cooked) tossed in a tangly vinegar-based dressing with other vegetablesnori - form of seaweed renowned for usage in Japanese cuisine; often used to wrap sushi rollsNorman tart - French dessert featuring spiced apologize topped v almonds baked in a rich, flaky pie late (bottom only)

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Sweets That start With N

Whether girlfriend stick with daily fare or opt for exotic global dishes, opportunities are the you’ll still be in search of sweet treat ideas. Quite a couple of desserts and sweet snacks start with an “n.”

neapolitan ice cream cream - mixture of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice creamnonpareil - small sugary confections; often used as sprinkles ~ above cupcakes, cakes, cookies, ice cream cream, or other varieties of candynougat - very sweet liquid made through egg whites, sugar or honey and chopped nuts; some recipes additionally call for chopped dried fruit to be addednut cookies - any kind of kind the cookie cooking recipes that has nuts stirred right into the batter Nutter Butter cookies - commercially marketed cookies shaped like peanuts; a layer of peanut butter spread out is placed in between to peanut flavored cookies

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