Orange County/Orlando COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Curfew

As of march 20, 2020, there is a curfew in effect in Orange county every night from 11 p.m. To 5 a.m. Citizens space directed to continue to be indoors between those hours.

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People space prohibited from gift in public areas, together a highways and parks. They are exempting civilization who space emergency or clinical professionals, or those looking for medical assistance or food. This seems to imply people picking increase food are permitted to it is in in public locations after curfew.

It is unclear at this time what the punish is for breaking this curfew.

Florida Curfew Violations


Curfew in Orange county Florida

Florida provides its cities and also counties its very own voting rights on how to enforce their teen curfew.

Criminal lawyer in Orlando Florida Ken Eulo native the law firm of Smith and Eulo defines the Florida curfew regulation like this: “ Minors eras 16 and also 17 cannot remain out in a public place or facility past the hrs of 11pm come 5am ~ above week job (Sunday thru Thursday). And 12:01am come 6:00am on but on the weekend (Friday and Saturday).”

Ken Eulo more states that “a 15 year old can not be outside from 11pm to 5am on any type of day of the week without a parental or guardian.”

What is a Curfew?

A curfew is any regulation requiring human being to be turn off the streets and in their house by a certain time. The moment which such restriction begins.

Why room There Curfew legislations in Florida?

Enforcing a curfew regulation for minors in Florida gives law enforcement the chance to use one more tool in your arsenal to aid keep the roadways safe after hours. City council believes that by put on impose a curfew regulation for minors under 18 that it will aid reduce crime.

Is there a Curfew in Orange ar Florida?

The Orange ar curfew law Florida law 877.22 says that minors room prohibited in publicly places and also establishments during specific hours. The curfew hours for minors state might not be the end after 10:00 afternoon on weeknights. If a young violates this curfew legislation will obtain a written warning and a $50.00 fine over there after.

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What are the Most crucial Curfew eras in Florida?

A curfew violation is committed when any type of minor under the period of 15 is out in a public location after 11pm or prior to 5pm. The only exemption is when a son is through a parental or guardian or someone appointed by the parent or guardian. So few of the many important ages to be mindful of in regards come curfew are:

What is the curfew for 17 year olds?: every curfew laws regarding 17 year olds include passenger limitations are currently in effect from 10pm come 6am Sunday thru Thursday. Friday and also Saturday 12:01am to 6:am

What is the curfew because that 16 year olds?: Florida boy curfew law states “16 year olds room prohibited indigenous a public ar or facility past the hours of 11pm to 5am on week work (Sunday thru Thursday). And also 12:01am to 6:00am on weekends (Friday and also Saturday)

What is the curfew for 15 year olds?: A curfew violation occurs when a 15 year old is exterior in any place from 11pm to 5am any kind of day of the week including weekends.


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At Smith and Eulo we understand that curfew in FL is a safety issue, however sometimes teens make mistakes and also get recorded in the wrong ar at the not correct time. If friend are managing a violation of curfew in Orlando, Florida, reach the end to one of our default Orlando criminal defense lawyers in ~ at 407-930-8912 today!