Check out this FREE printable for 50 of the best Elf on the Shelf names! So many cute and funny names for your family to choose from. Also includes a free Certificate of Elf Adoption printable, too!

Elf on the Shelf is such a fun Christmas tradition that my family loves. My kids look forward to it every year and they light up each morning when they find their elf! If you’re looking for some idea inspiration, check out this list of 50 of the best Elf on the Shelf ideas. And don’t forget to print out these free calendar and checklist printables to stay organized!


I don’t know about you, but Elf on the Shelf is huge in my house and is always such a fun Christmas tradition! The first thing we do together as a family is name our elf. Sometimes it’s tough to come up with names year after year, so I wanted to create a free printable for you that lists out 50 of the best Elf on the Shelf names.

We like to print out the list of elf names and then each family member circles their favorite. From there, we all decide on what the final name will be. The perfect fun and fair way to name your elf!

So there you have it! So many cute and funny Elf on the Shelf names. Which one will you choose?!


Boy Elf on the Shelf Names

There are so many boy names to choose from on this list! We’ve used a handful of these but still have plenty more to choose from. I especially love the names Ralphie, Boots and Waffles (go figure, right?).


Girl Elf on the Shelf Names

How adorable are these girl names? There are so many fun ones to choose from. All are so cute, it’s hard to pick just one!


If you want to download the free printable with all of the elf names, just enter your email address below. The printable will be sent directly to you via email and is super easy to download!

Elf on the Shelf Name Certificate

When you download the Elf on the Shelf names printable, you’ll also receive this blank certificate of Elf Adoption that your kids can fill out.

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This certificate will be displayed on our fridge all season long.