“Modern Family,” a present hailed in 2009, that debut year, because that its progressive content, premiered its final season on Wednesday night. (Photo native IMDb)

I was 9 years old when “Modern Family” first aired in 2009, and I watched the display religiously. Ns remember how much that a struggle it to be for children and adults alike, just how lauded it to be for its steady material. Wednesday night, abc aired the an initial episode the the show’s 11th and final season. That struck a nostalgic chord in me, and I uncovered myself rewatching the pilot. That’s when I realized — a many has adjusted in 10 years, and we’ve been roughly for every one of it.

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Rewatching the pilot do me feel prefer I was suffering a tangible manifestation of society change. Once it began airing, “Modern Family” was praised for being progressive — the was one of the very first network sitcoms that followed a happy couple, Mitch (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and also Cam (Eric Stonestreet), on your journey to adopt a baby. It was applauded because that its ethnic diversity in the casting of Sofia Vergara as Gloria and Rico Rodriguez as Manny. In 2010, that won 6 Emmy Awards, consisting of the Emmy for outstanding Comedy Series. The agreement was overwhelmingly positive: “Modern Family” was taking a huge step in the appropriate direction.

And while that still stop true a decade later, the show’s pilot more than likely wouldn’t also meet anyone’s standards today. I’m not just saying the to it is in a stickler — watching that exact same pilot in 2019, the lack of representation and also sensitivity jumped the end at me. As well as Gloria and Manny, the main actors does not feature a single person the color. The Dunphys, while hilarious, room a white, upper-middle-class household from California — far from the typical American family. Gloria’s personality is a two-dimensional trope of an adverse Latinx stereotypes. Require a little much more convincing? Jay Pritchett (Ed O’Neill), Mitch’s dad, describes his boy newly adopted Vietnamese baby as a “potsticker.” Yikes.

What really acquired me thinking, though, was the fact that every pair in the pilot was married except for Mitch and Cam — and not because they didn’t desire to obtain married, but due to the fact that in 2009, gay marriage was illegal, even in California.

Though the 2009 pilot does not fit right into a 2019 framework, that’s not a bad thing. In fact, it is fairly the opposite. It’s a great thing the in the past decade — a decade my peers and I experienced and played a far-reaching role in — sufficient has readjusted that something perceived as highly steady in 2009 can be astutely criticize today. The a an excellent thing that the worry of representation in the media has end up being so widespread that the show’s shortcomings presented themselves to me together big, fat red flags. Most importantly, it was a wild feeling to watch the pilot together a 20-year-old and also think, “From start to finish, we’ve been below for all of this.” it makes progress feel tangible, and it renders me confident that ours generation will continue to witness and also enact adjust on a better scale, at better velocity, transparent the remainder of our lives.

At a time once it’s straightforward to feeling disillusioned and also to focus on all the work that has yet come be excellent in ours society, we tend to forget that we are an integral component of the job-related being done right now. It might take patience to gain the fruit of change, yet paradigms have shifted and are continuing to shift. The show’s trajectory throughout the last te is a testament to that.

And together the show’s time on air concerns an end, I have no doubt that the following hit family sitcom will consist of for what “Modern Family” short in representation, in society awareness, in substance. I have actually no doubt that its pilot will certainly be commemorated for the progress it reflects. And I have actually no doubt the 10 year from now, fine have overcame yet another slew that beasts and will be taking on the following challenge.

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