2019 | Did friend spot this celebs on campus?

✌ Year in review: never fails to attract the huge names — it’s one perk of being smack dab in the center of La La Land. Check out the stars that captivated the Trojan family this year.

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BY Eric Lindberg’s campuses buzzed through excitement every year lengthy as actors, authors, organization icons and entertainers quit by to share pearls of wisdom v students, staff and faculty members, alumni and other visitors. Below are a few of the celebrities you might have viewed charming, thrilling and also inspiring Trojan audience in 2019.

‣ Belinda Carlisle


Belinda Carlisle enchants a pack McCarthy Quad during a special Trojan family members Weekend show. (Photo/Sarah M. Golonka)

As students, staff and faculty members and alumni flocked to college Park Campus because that Trojan family Weekend, they delighted in an exclusive concert through 1980s hitmaker Belinda Carlisle. The singer and musician carry out singles from her time through The Go-Go’s and hits from her solo career like “Heaven Is a place on Earth” and “Mad around You.”

‣ Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie speaks at about changing the conversation on race, gender and also identity. ( Photo/Katie Chin)

The Nigerian author, feminist and social critic dropped into Wallis Annenberg room to talk about her strategy to truth, empathy and also humanity in storytelling. She also accumulated the Everett M. Rogers award from the Norman Lear Center, one honor that recognizes creativity in education-based entertain aimed at boosting quality of life approximately the world.

‣ Elizabeth Banks


Elizabeth financial institutions discusses gender and also diversity in entertainment through’s Stacy Smith, who started the Annenberg inclusion Initiative. ( Photo/Olivia Mowry)

A an effective example of women achieving success in entertainment leadership roles, Elizabeth financial institutions spoke at Wallis Annenberg Hall about her experiences together an actress, director, producer and writer. The Hollywood star managed this year reboot that Charlie’s Angels and has actually directed and produced countless other effective projects. Banks talked through Professor Stacy Smith, who Annenberg consists Initiative explores diversity and also inclusion in entertainment.

‣ Jimmy Kimmel


Jimmy Kimmel prepares to provide his commencement speech to graduates that the Keck institution of medicine of ( Photo/Steve Cohn)

In a moving speech peppered with laugh lines, the late-night TV organize lauded graduates the the Keck college of medicine of for their years that dedication, hard work and sacrifice. He called on lock to be caring, compassionate and also kind as they moved right into the following stage of their careers as health and wellness professionals. “I am in awe that what you’ve done,” Kimmel said. “You’ve committed yourselves to help others and making your lives far better and healthier and also longer, and sometimes saving them altogether. Every day, you will do it be proactively and specifically making this civilization a better place.”

Last year Kimmel was honored by children’s Hospital Los Angeles — i m sorry is staffed by Keck school of medication faculty medical professionals — because that his work-related in advocating because that health treatment coverage for every children and also families in the united States, adhering to an emotional tribute come the basic after his newborn kid was cure there.

‣ Kristen Bell


Kristen Bell offers career and also life advice come graduating students during the institution of Dramatic Arts beginning ceremony. (Photo by Ryan Miller, record Imaging)

In her playful and also rousing deal with to the graduating course of the school of Dramatic Arts, the actress, singer and director exhorted the audience to be nice and also recognize the intricacy of the world roughly them. “In mine life, over there is just one concept that I have actually determined,” she said. “It’s that every little thing is gray. Every person, every question, every tragedy, even every victory, lock all have actually nuance. Pay fist to the nuance.”

‣ Mahershala Ali


Star of Moonlight and also True Detective, Mahershala Ali discusses his approach to acting with Annenberg’s josh Kun. ( Photo/Katie Chin)

During a wide-ranging conversation at the Annenberg school for Communication and also Journalism, the Oscar-winning actor gave his advice on producing an identity, staying encouraged in the face of defeat and nurturing hope. Ali also called ~ above the media market to give much more power to civilization of color to tell every little thing kind the story bring them inspiration.

‣ Maverick Carter


Maverick Carter urges Annenberg graduates to take it risks and trust their instincts. (Photo/Amy Tierney)

Media and entertainment mogul Maverick Carter offered life lessons, advice and encouragement come Annenberg graduates throughout the university’s beginning ceremony. “You need to gamble, and also you have to gamble big,” the told the course of 2019. “You need to make very huge bets on yourself. You can not play the safe.” Carter is well-known for producing successful marketing, entertainment and content carriers with his longtime service partner, NBA star LeBron James.

‣ Mikhail Baryshnikov


Mikhail Baryshnikov mingles v the first cohort that graduates native the Kaufman institution of Dance. ( Photo/Gus Ruelas)

The inaugural graduates the the Kaufman school of Dance got a rousing sendoff native the renowned ballet dancer during its beginning celebrations this spring. Baryshnikov urged the graduating course to take risks and adopt failure as a finding out process: “As artists and also as young people discovering what you treatment about, you should be generous v that spark inside yourself the made girlfriend love dance in the very first place.”

‣ Philip Bailey


Earth, Wind & Fire frontman Philip Bailey serenades a complete house at’s Bovard Auditorium. (Photo/William Vasta)

Along v a colorful performance of classic Earth, Wind & Fire hits, the famous lead singer of the genre-defying group explained his background as a musician and songwriter. A member the the band due to the fact that the beforehand 1970s, Bailey aided sell an ext than 100 million albums and also net 17 Grammy nominations. The Bovard Auditorium show closed solid with a surprise encore that featured the Trojan Marching Band.

‣ Sara Blakely


Spanx founder and also CEO Sara Blakely describes her route to success throughout a one-of-a-kind Marshall event. (Photo/William Vasta)

The inventor, founder and owner that shapewear agency Spanx common her business-related wisdom through students and also alumni throughout a special occasion held by the Lloyd Greif facility for Entrepreneurial studies at the Marshall college of Business. Before accepting the center’s 2019 business man of the Year award, the self-made billionaire described the steps she took to construct her company into a worldwide brand with no exterior investment. 2019 | A LOOK ago — See much more of our year-end package:

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