Many popular personalities indigenous the worlds of broadcast media, film, business, music, books and politics have houses in Naples and Marco Island ~ above Florida’s paradise Coast.

The area has actually long attracted stars to its white-sand shores. The initial Naples Hotel welcomed numerous notable guests. Climbed Cleveland, the president"s sister, to be the very first to authorize the it is registered upon the hotel"s opened in 1890. End the years cutting board Edison enjoyed Sunday dinner there throughout the plenty of years he owned a winter home in surrounding Fort Myers. After ~ the hotel moved and also expanded together The neapolitan Beach Hotel, actor Gary Cooper stayed while filming far-off Drums. 

Celebrities spotted about town in recent years encompass Academy Award-winning actress Nicole Kidman and her husband, nation singer Keith Urban. The pair strolled Fifth way South and Third Street South and dined in ~ two height restaurants during their stay: Sea Salt and Truluck"s Seafood, Steak & Crab House. Aerosmith singer-songwriter Steven Tyler visited the well-known Wind In the Willows shop on 5th Avenue southern in 2015 and graciously posed because that photos with staff and customers ~ purchasing custom boots and a jacket. 


The area"s exclude, appeal has actually attracted a range of celebrities.

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Celebrity chefs have involved town, too. Chief Emeril Lagasse filmed an illustration of the "Emeril"s Florida" cable television present in Naples several years ago. That has likewise participated in many Naples Winter wine Festival events as a celebrity chef. That event has carried many noteworthy chefs to the area each January, including Daniel Boulud, Wolfgang Puck, Tom Colicchio, invoice Telepan, john Besh, Eric Ripart, Michelle Bernstein and many more. 

When you visit the naples area, it is in on the lookout for famous deals with – friend never recognize who you will do it be share paradise with. Check out on to check out a list of celebrities who either speak to the naples area residence or visit regularly.

Broadcast Media & Film

Judge Judy Sheindlin

The well known television judge own a home in Pelican Bay. She"s been spotted at the nearby Waterside Shops.

Sean Hannity

The syndicated radio talk show host and also host that Hannity top top the FOX News Channel own a penthouse in the Moraya Bay coast Tower.

Brett Baier

The hold of one-of-a-kind Report v Bret Baier top top FOX News Channel, one of the optimal cable news programs, owns a vacation condo in Naples. Both his parents and also in-laws live in Naples.

Jane Seymour

The star of physician Quinn medicine Woman, Live and Let Die and many other television shows and also films provides appearances in Naples, typically related to display screens of she artwork. 

Mary Carillo

The television personality, sports journalist and former expert tennis player splits she time in between Naples and brand-new York CIty"s Greenwich Village. 

Neal Boortz

When not in Atlanta, the now-retired country syndicated talk radio host Neal Boortz resides in the naples area a few months the end of the year. He and also his wife, Donna, own a condo penthouse in north Naples and also a house on a canal in Marco Island.


John Schnatter

The founder and also chairman that Papa John’s pizza has a vacation home in Naples.

Shahid Kahn

Shahid Khan, who owns a house in Naples, is one of six Southwest Florida residents on the 2018 Forbes 400 list of wealthiest Americans. He own the automotive manufacturing firm Flex-N-Gate, the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL soccer team, and also the English football (soccer) league championship team Fulham football Club.

Richard Schulze

The founder and chairman of finest Buy, Richard Schulze, recently moved from adjacent Bonita Springs to the exclusive harbor Royal community in Naples. 

Tom Golisano

Golisano, founder and also chairman the payroll for sure Paychex, lives in Naples. His philanthropy is plainly evident in the region, v his name showing up on several top children"s institutions including the Golisano Children"s Museum the Naples and also the Golisano Children"s Hospital that Southwest Florida. 


Alex Lifeson

The command guitarist because that Rush owns a condo in Pelican Bay.

Bob Seger

Rock musician Bob Seger owns a condo in Naples. 

Donna Summer

Disco queen Summer to be living in a condo in ~ Tiburon in north Naples when she passed away in 2012.

Sports Figures

Fuzzy Zoeller

Retired two-time major championship winning PGA tourism golfer Fuzzy Zoeller has been a part-time naples resident because the beforehand 70’s. 

John Kruk

The former major League Baseball player man Kruk, best-known because that his time through the Philadelphia Phillies, owns Kruk"s philadelph Steaks restaurant in north Naples. 

Rocco Mediate

Professional golfer Rocco Mediate, that won six times top top the PGA Tour and also 3 time on the champions Tour, own a home at Tuscanny make reservation in Naples. 

Larry Bird

The NBA an excellent has own a waterfront house on Neapolitan way for numerous years. It is right now up because that sale.

Mike Ditka

The retirement NFL coach is a long-time neapolitan part-time resident.

Dave Wannstedt

The previous head coach that the Miami Dolphins and also Chicago Bears own a residence in Port imperial in Naples.

Charlie Babb

The previous Miami Dolphins safety and security started through the team in the 1972 Perfect Season. He has actually a house in Naples. 

Asa Parseghian

The former Notre Dame football coach is a part-time Marco Island resident. 

Earl Morrall

The former Miami dolphins quarterback, who started nine games during the 1972 Perfect Season, retired to Naples. He passed far in April 2014. 

Gene Sarazen

The PGA tourism golf legend resided in Marco Island because that 34 years till his death in 1999. 


Robin Cook

The renowned novelist divides his time between his residences in naples and brand-new Hampshire.

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Janet Evanovich

The novelist best-known for she Stephanie Plum collection spends component of the year at her home in Naples. 

Ben Bova

Science fiction writer Bova is a long-time neapolitan resident. 

Robert Ludlum

The famed writer stayed in a high-rise condo in the Park shore area of neapolitan up until his fatality in 2001. 


Rick Scott

U.S. Senator and former Florida governor Rick Scott lives owns a beachfront mansion top top Gordon journey in Naples. 

Charles Colson

The Nixon-era Watergate felon and prison reformer retirement to Naples and also lived there till his fatality in 2012.