West Virginia is a small state, yet it has actually its fair share that celebrities who space proud come say that they were born in the hill State. Part you might know; others may surprise you.

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Don Knotts, that will be best remembered for his duty as Deputy Barney Fife top top the Andy Griffith Show, was born in Morgantown. The actor and comedian was among the most loved celebrities that his time.

Legendary basketball star Jerry west was born in Chelyan. After retiring from playing sphere he go on to become the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers for three years.

Steve Harvey is a comedian, television host and author. The is the current host the the game show Family Feud.

Country singer Brad Paisley is one proud Mountaineer. Paisley frequently attends WVU games and puts top top performances in ~ half-time.

Randy Moss is a retired NFL player. During his 14-year career he played because that the Minnesota Vikings, Oakland Raiders, new England Patriots and also the Tennessee Titans.
Health Slater is a professional wrestler v the WWE. He is component of the team the society Outcasts that also includes Adam Rose, Axel Hennig and Bo Dallas.
Conchata is one American actress. She is finest known because that her role as Berta the Housekeeper on Two and a fifty percent Men. She won two Prime Time Emmy nominations.
Actress Joyce DeWitt is finest known because that her duty as Janet hardwood in the 1970’s sitcom Three’s Company. The sitcom ran native 1977 to 1984.
Michael W. Blacksmith is a modern-day Christian singer. He has won 3 Grammys and an American Music Award.
Jamie Noble is a retirement WWE wrestler. He will be ideal remembered together The Authority’s security team J&J Security. He is now a producer for the WWE.
John Corbett is a renowned actor and singer. The is best known for playing kris Stevens on northern Exposure.
Kathy Mattea is a country and bluegrass singer. Her greatest hit so much was “Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses.” She is likewise a renowned animal and environmental activist.
Nick Saban is one of college football’s most well known coaches. He coached the Miami dolphin for 2 seasons. He was born in Fairmont.

Did i leave out your favorite renowned person from West Virginia? If so, re-superstructure them v me in the comment section.

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West Virginia-Born Tudor’s Biscuit people Has Quietly come to be One the Appalachia’s favorite Breakfast Chains