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By Ahsan Haque
Peter and also his buddies decision to imitate scenes from Jackass and also after right escaping from a potential drowning, Peter's reminded that Brian's not as young together he offered to be, and is gaining old. To help ease the gravity of this realization, Peter decides to carry in a brand-new dog because that the family. Brand-new Brian seemed choose the perfect dog in ~ first, however a single fatal flaw leader to his violent untimely demise.

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Unlike critical week's terrible outing, the writers wisely determined to get to the suggest of the episode a many faster. While the episode began off with several predictable Jackass-inspired moments, there to be a few memorable scenes in the opening 5 minutes. The musical referral from The best American Hero to be funny and it featured Peter dressed up together Ralph to sing the catchy opening tune while being launched off a ramp and also flying with the air. Joe using his foot to tie Peter and also Brian during a daring rescue was additionally a hilarious sight, and Quagmire's beehive experiment was also worthy the a couple of chuckles. The opened scenes also se the tone for the rest of the episode, as it offered as a long winded lead-in come the truth that Brian's gaining old and might no be in a position to rescue Peter when he's in danger in the future.

new Brian turned out to be far more interesting 보다 one would certainly expect. It's tough to do a perfect eager-to-please too many nice character interesting, but new Brian's exchange v Meg to be hilarious, the tune he composed for Peter was brilliantly childishly crude, and also his other sugary scenes practically managed to do a situation for him gift an sufficient replacement for Brian. Of course, nothing's perfect, and also we lastly get to view Stewie's violent side because that a change. If take away a dog humping Rupert to acquire a rise (bad pun) out of Stewie, then maybe it need to happen an ext often. Stewie's disposal of the dead brand-new Brian was hilarious and even though it to be temporary, it was nice to see evil Stewie back. Stewie deserve to be evil and still be gay also - the writers just need to find a way to work it in more often. The self-destruction note and the family's blind acceptance of the unlikely situations behind new Brian's fatality capped turn off Stewie's perfect understandable murder. The finish sequence through Stewie consoling a supposedly traumatized Rupert was likewise groan worthy once taken in the appropriate context.

While that featured an ext than a couple of bombed manatee jokes and a pair of genuinely unfunny ideas, this episode succeeds because that the many part. The story v Brian relocating out in confront of the brand-new attention grabbing dog was quite interesting, and also the characters felt more like themselves this time around. Stewie's vengeance on brand-new Brian was specifically noteworthy. While this episode certainly won't do anyone's top ten perform of good Family Guy, there to be a much far better balance in between random humor and also storytelling in this outing.