Season 6, illustration 5 Airdate November 4, 2007 Production Number 5ACX17 Written by David A. Goodman Directed by john Holmquist← one-of-a-kind 1The family Guy 100th illustration Special6x06 →Lois kills Stewie (2) Family Guy — Season Six
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Stewie death Lois (1) is the fifth episode the the 6th season of household Guy, and the one hundred 3rd episode overall.

Although that is the 103rd episode to air, "Stewie kills Lois" is billed together the collection 100th episode. The episode"s title defines the plot aptly: Stewie complies with through through a plan to kill Lois and also takes steps to conceal his crime.

Starring:Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green, Mila Kunis, Mike Henry

Also Starring:Dave Boat, Alex Breckenridge, Kirker Butler, note Hentemann, Phil LaMarr, Danny Smith, Alec Sulkin, Jennifer Tilly (Bonnie Swanson), man Viener, Patrick Warburton (Joe Swanson)


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The Griffins memory Lois" birthday, however Peter, Chris and Meg offer her gifts that space either mediocre or insulting. Brian"s gift is far an ext thoughtful: a pair of cruise tickets, i m sorry Lois assumes space for her and also Peter (much to Brian"s disappointment). As soon as Peter and also Lois leaving for your trip, Stewie is furious the he wasn"t invite along and vows to death Lois. Brian laughs off Stewie"s recent comment, noting the he never complied with through before. Unknowingly, this gives Stewie all the fix he demands to follow with with murdering Lois.

On the cruise ship, Peter embarrasses Lois several times, the border coming when he speak an inappropriate story about how Lois was considering one abortion as soon as she to be pregnant v Meg. The two get into a large argument, and also Lois decides to walk to the deck to patience down and also sort the end her feelings. Just then, Stewie arrives in a speedboat and also sneaks up behind Lois. Lois is astonished to view Stewie, who offers a an equipment gun to shoot his mom several times. Lois is eliminated after she drops over the side of the ship and also plunges right into the deep ocean. Stewie"s celebration event of ultimately killing his mommy is short-lived; he trips and also bruises his arm.

Stewie behaves nonchalantly as the others worry about Lois" well-being. A substantial search for Lois is unsuccessful, and also Joe eventually informs Peter the Lois is being claimed dead.

Flash forward one year, wherein everyone has controlled to move on v their lives. Peter has started to day other people; Chris has actually been led to think that Lois is merely away in ~ a health spa (apparently because of concerns of how he would take care of the truth); and Meg "has really begun to flourish," follow to Stewie. Later, Brian tells Stewie the he uncovered a receipt that a speedboat rental - dated the exact same day Lois to be last well-known alive - in his room and asks hard questions. Stewie allows slip that the truth that Lois" fatality was one accident "was what everyone was resulted in believe." Brian realizes the Stewie lugged out his plan and also killed Lois, and also warns him the he will be carried to justice. That night, Stewie realizes he should discard the proof - the gun and also graphic drawings of Lois" killing - immediately.

Joe, Cleveland and also Quagmire find the Griffins" garbage cans, find the evidence and mistakenly conclude that Peter cursed the murder. They had actually arrived at their conclusion based upon a conversation they had actually with Peter earlier in the night at the Drunken Clam, whereby Peter stupidly admits the took out a life insurance policy on Lois after their fight, and also momentarily wished that she (Lois) were dead; he was currently cashing in top top the policy. Stewie gleefully celebrate Peter"s arrest, definition he"s off scott-free. Brian, however, knows the truth and also vows to expose Stewie together the actual murderer.

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Peter is arrested, deals with trial and also is convicted of murder. Just before Peter is sentenced to life imprisonment, a mysterious number - that reveals herself to be Lois - start the courtroom. After the joyous reunion, Lois finger Stewie together her would-be killer.


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