S5 · E1 · Stewie Loves Lois

10 Sep 2006

Stewie i do not care obsessed with Lois, after ~ she saves Rupert.... More

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S5 · E2 · mommy Tucker

17 Sep 2006

Peter's mother gets a divorce. Peter feel abandoned till he... More

S5 · E3 · Hell pertains to Quahog

24 Sep 2006

After Peter offers Meg's money come buy himself a tank, she gets... More

S5 · E4 · Saving exclusive Brian

5 Nov 2006

Chris is approached to sign up with the military. Brian goes to the... More

S5 · E5 · whistle While Your mam Works

12 Nov 2006

When Peter gets hurt and can't work, his ceo tells him he... More

S5 · E6 · Prick Up her Ears

19 Nov 2006

Lois discovers the Chris has actually some bad information about sex... More

S5 · E8 · right Legal

17 Dec 2006

Meg can't discover a day to she junior prom, and also even though he... More

S5 · E9 · roadway to Rupert

28 jan 2007

Brian selling Rupert at a garage sale. Stewie, who is upset... More

S5 · E10 · Peter's 2 Dads

11 Feb 2007

After Peters dad, Francis, dies, Thelma tells him the his... More

S5 · E11 · The Tan Aquatic v Steve Zissou

18 Feb 2007

When a bully harasses Chris, Peter goes come his defense, but... More

S5 · E12 · airport '07

4 Mar 2007

Quagmire takes Peter to work however Peter messes points up,... More

S5 · E13 · Bill and Peter's Bogus Adventure

11 Mar 2007

Peter helps bill Clinton with his flat tire, and they soon... More

S5 · E14 · No Meals ~ above Wheels

25 Mar 2007

The Griffin family decides to begin their own restaurant,... More

S5 · E16 · No kris Left Behind

6 might 2007

After kris is expelled from school, he is sent out to a... More

S5 · E17 · that Takes a town Idiot, and also I Married One

13 may 2007

Lois runs for market of Quahog, though she doesn't end up being the... More

S5 · E18 · satisfy the Quagmires

20 might 2007

Death sponsor Peter's wish to go earlier in time to 1984 when he... More


S5 · E12 · airplane '07What around the short song play after Hugh Hefner provides quagmire advice the sounds patriotic? more
S5 · E18 · fulfill the QuagmiresHi, there was a melody in the episode that just gained stuck in mine head, I've make the efforts finding... More



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