noting, relating to, or fostering interaction that takes ar in person, together opposed come online communication or digital communications: face-to-face classrooms.Abbreviation: f2f, F2F, FTF, ftf
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face the music, facetiae, confront time, facetious, side joint, face-to-face, face towel, confront turn, faceup, challenge up to, confront validity

Face-to-face explains an communication that takes ar in person, together opposed to end the phone or online, as in instead of emailing earlier and forth, let’s fulfill face-to-face in mine office this afternoon. It is additionally commonly spelled there is no hyphens, as challenge to face.

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Sometimes the expression is provided as a noun referring to such a meeting, together in stop schedule a face-to-face because that Friday morning. (In this usage, the hatchet is virtually always hyphenated.)

Sometimes face-to-face indicates direct competition or confrontation, as in This is the very first time these 2 players will certainly have had a face-to-face match-up. In this sense, the hatchet is very comparable to head-to-head, which is probably more commonly supplied for together situations, specifically in the paper definition of sports. This feeling of the word can additionally be provided metaphorically to describe a straight encounter v something, especially fatality or something else negative.

In its many literal sense, face-to-face defines two things or world that space positioned so that they are encountering each other, regularly close together, as in please sit face-to-face through your companion for the practice interview or as soon as you place these top top the shelf, make sure they’re face-to-face rather of back-to-back.

The an initial records the face-to-face come indigenous the 1300s. Several various other terms are constructed in the same way, such as back-to-back and side-to-side (both of i beg your pardon can also appear without hyphens).

When you have a video clip call with someone, you have the right to see each other’s faces, however meeting who face-to-face typically means that you in the same physical an are with them. Conference face-to-face is often thought come promote organic communication, permitting people to respond to each other’s ton of voice, facial expressions, gestures, and other human body language. The phrase is particularly used in phrases favor face-to-face communication and also face-to-face meeting. A rather informal synonym for a face-to-face conference is merely a face-to-face.

When it explains the placing of points or people, face-to-face deserve to be provided to describe practically any objects that have fronts the can challenge each other. Throughout a wedding ceremony, the two world getting married frequently stand face-to-face. Chairs have the right to be positioned face-to-face so the the world who sit in them have the right to talk to each other. Opposing of this place is back-to-back.

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Face-to-face compete or confrontation is the type that involves straight interaction between the opposing sides, particularly in a one-on-one match-up. When this feeling of words is provided figuratively, the point being encountered doesn’t have to have a face or also a front. Instead, it often requires an conference with danger or death, together in We come face-to-face with fatality when the tornado struck.