The mucosa is a membrane that lines the cradle tract. Erythema way redness. So, erythematous mucosa describes redness and inflammation in an area of the digestive tract’s lining.

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Erythematous mucosa is no a health condition in itself, but a authorize of an worry that might need clinical attention.

In this article, we check out the health issues that can cause erythematous mucosa and also their various other signs and symptoms. We additionally look in ~ the treatment options.

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The basic condition associated with erythematous mucosa relies on the part of the digestive tract the is red and inflamed. For example:


The main cause of gastritis is the bacter Helicobacter pylori. Other causes may include:

tobacco and alcohol use

Autoimmune gastritis often shows up with an stole deficiency the leads to a B12 deficiency. This type of gastritis is much more common amongst younger adult who room female.


Colitis is common, and its ubiquity is cultivation throughout the world. The reasons may include:

infections, with bacteria, viruses, or parasitesthe inflammation bowel conditions (IBDs) Crohn’s condition and ulcerative colitisischemic colitis, which outcomes from a short blood supplyradiation, particularly to act cancer in the reproductive organs, the urethra, or the rectum

Proctitis and anusitis

Various factors reason proctitis and also anusitis, such as:

the usage of hydrogen peroxide enemasulcerative colitis
Related symptoms 

The symptom that take place alongside erythematous mucosa rely on the underlying problem causing them.


Many people with gastritis perform not experience symptoms. However, some might have:

pain in the top torsonauseavomiting


Symptoms of colitis include:

abdominal painan urgent need to have actually bowel movementsblood in the stool

Ulcerative colitis entails ulcers developing in the colon. If a person has this, they might experience:

inflammation the the clear layer protecting the whites of the eyesred, ache lumps in ~ the former of the legs, listed below the kneeslarge, pains sores on the legs

Proctitis and anusitis

Some world with proctitis or anusitis have no symptoms. But a human being may experience:

bloody mucus and also pain throughout a bowel movement, anal sex, or a digital exama feverdiarrheadifficulty managing urination and also bowel movementspelvic pain

If the inflammation results from an STI or IBD, a human being may have:

abscesses about the anusanal fissuresulcers in the rectum or about the anusbleeding indigenous the rectum

Doctors law erythematous mucosa through addressing the underlying wellness condition.


If gastritis outcomes from H. Pylori, medical professionals tend come prescribe antibiotics, such as:

amoxicillin (Amoxil) clarithromycin (Biaxin)metronidazole (Flagyl)

For autoimmune gastritis, a physician may imply taking iron and vitamin B12 supplements — and also an antibiotic, if one H. Pylori infection is present.

Some tactics for reducing gastritis symptoms include:

avoiding alcohol no smokingavoiding anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen, if possiblelimiting the intake of spicy foods


If this results from a bacter infection, the doctor might prescribe antibiotics. Lock are an ext likely to perform so if the person likewise has one immunosuppressive condition, such as HIV.

To law ulcerative colitis, a doctor may prescribe a product include 5-aminosalicylic acid. But these treatments may not be suitable for civilization with Crohn’s disease, who may instead need a form of medication dubbed a tumor necrosis factor antagonist. Infliximab (Remicade) is one example.

The physician may likewise prescribe a quick course the corticosteroids. While this medications efficiently reduce IBD symptoms, it is important to take it them only as lengthy as necessary — they can cause serious next effects.

To reduce the symptoms, avoid smoking, if this applies, and also avoid medicines that have the right to exacerbate the symptoms, such as ibuprofen and aspirin.

Proctitis and also anusitis

If either worry results from an STI, treatment will emphasis on the infection. Avoid having actually sex v others while wait for the STI test results and, if necessary, receiving treatment.

If proctitis is bring about ulcers, the doctor might prescribe the rectal 5-aminosalicylic acid therapy mesalamine (Apriso). Castle may also prescribe a object treatment, such as a gelatin or cream.

Tips for lessening the symptoms of proctitis and anusitis incorporate avoiding:

caffeinefizzy drinksbeergarlicspices

Practicing stress monitoring techniques may likewise reduce the duration of the inflammation.

Some conditions that can reason erythematous mucosa can increase the threat of cancer, in details circumstances.

If a person has gastritis for a long time, they have chronic gastritis. Part chronic gastritis is atrophic, which means that the stomach mucosa no longer functions as it should.

People v chronic atrophic gastritis eventually have an acid-free stomach. This severe type of the disease is one of the highest possible risk factors for gastric cancer.

However, if gastritis does not an outcome from one infection with H. Pylori, the person has actually a reduced related threat of arising gastric cancer. This is due to the fact that H. Pylori can ultimately lead to an acid-free stomach, an issue that borders the body’s capacity to absorb vitamins and minerals and operate in the usual way.

Ulcerative colitis is a risk element for colorectal cancer and other colitis-associated cancers. A human with ulcerative colitis and also another IBD, such as Crohn’s disease, is an ext likely to build colitis-associated cancer, compared with someone who has actually a different form of colitis.

A 2012 research that took place over 14 years discovered that people with IBD had a 60% greater risk the colitis-associated cancer than civilization without IBD. This risk remained the very same throughout the study period, saying that civilization with IBD are much more susceptible come cancer.

The outlook for a person with erythematous mucosa relies on the problem that has caused it.

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Most civilization who obtain treatment view a palliation in their symptoms, despite these have the right to reoccur. People with gastritis have actually a hazard of complications, including:

chronic atrophic gastritisgastric bleedingneuroendocrine tumorsgastric cancer


Depending top top the reason of colitis, the condition may:

improve there is no treatmentbe recurrent, coming earlier regularlybecome long-lasting, or chronic

People through recurring, chronic colitis need to have actually the concern monitored throughout their lives. This is due to the fact that the condition can command to:

bowel abscessesobstruction of the intestinespelvis abscessesfistulasseizures

Proctitis and anusitis

If either concern results indigenous an infection, the symptoms must go far after the epidemic is treated. If proctitis or anusitis results from an IBD, the symptoms might reoccur, request treatment.