Please don"t call us liars (or truthers) for saying this, however it has been a long, lengthy time since Drake & Josh went off the air. If we"ve been constantly city hall reruns and holiday specials due to the fact that the series" 2007 finale, its boy stars have been liven flying the Nickelodeon colony to construct interesting and also exciting careers. Here"s what the actors of this four-season, two-film franchise looks favor now.

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As the resident cool child in the Parker-Nichols household, Drake Bell to be the male everyone want to be. With his flippy hair and also musical talents, us were details Bell would become a large success after ~ his tenure top top the show, but a collection of personal struggles stunted his potential.

After Drake & Josh went turn off the air, the boy star booked a few notable roles, showing up in the Superhero Movie and also The Fish Tank. He additionally did a the majority of voiceover work, lending his pipes together Timmy Turner in A fairly Odd Christmas and also other Fairly weird Parents flicks. He likewise voiced Peter Parker in part Marvel projects, most notably the Ultimate Spider-Man TV series. However, Bell primarily focused on music, publication an album called Ready stable Go in 2014 and also an EP titled Honest In 2017.

Unfortunately, many of the hype surrounding Bell is concentrated on his an individual troubles, which include a wire of DUIs and also the notorious spat about not gaining an invite come Drake & Josh co-star mock Peck"s wedding. (Don"t worry: Bell states there space no more hard feelings, so these bros are prepared to hug again.)

Hopefully, Bell will be able to get his career back on track soon. He"s collection to appear in part buzzy new projects in 2017, including Cover Versions through Katie Cassidy and also Jerry Trainor and also American Satan through Booboo Stewart and also Denise Richards. He likewise landed a voiceover role opposite Kesha in the device Studios animated collection Highly Gifted.

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Josh Peck "Neville Longbottom-ed" difficult after play the dorky dude on Drake & Josh. The actor lost a lot of weight after going v his self-described "awkward teenage years" top top the show, and also while he"s happy his weight-loss journey has actually inspired others, he states he"d likewise be happy to avoid talking about the method he looks and also just focus on his work.

That work has actually been quite impressive, although Peck has actually hit some speed bumps. After Drake & Josh, he nabbed functions in Drillbit Taylor and the Ice Age films, prior to breaking the end on the huge screen in 2012"s Red Dawn remake. He completed a guest arc ~ above The Mindy Project and also appeared in Danny Collins prior to he landing the command in his very own network series, Grandfathered. Unfortunately, Grandfathered, which stars Peck as the kid of john Stamos, lasted just one season ~ above Fox. Peck"s following TV role didn"t occupational out either. The actor appeared in simply two illustration of the quickly canceled Pitch

However, this previous Nick kid has an exciting future. He wed longtime girlfriend Paige O"Brien in June 2017, and you examine him the end in the 2017 drama Locating silver- Lake, the opposite Aubrey Peeples and also Finn Wittrock. 

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Miranda Cosgrove made a name for herself play precocious children. She starring in School that Rock before joining Drake & Josh together the title characters" ambitious younger sister Megan (or need to we say, "Megan!") if Cosgrove has presumably quit referring to civilization as "boobs" in the years because the show, she has continued to dominate the little screen with solid and clever female characters.

Cosgrove stayed in the Nickelodeon family after Drake & Josh, leading she own display as the title character in iCarly. That series earned seven Emmy nominations, including 4 for superior children"s program, and also Cosgrove earned 5 Kids" selection nominations for favorite television actress. She also landed in the Guinness human being Records publication for being the greatest paid kid star, earning $180,000 every episode. 

Cosgrove began releasing her own music when iCarly to be on the air, producing an album titled Sparks Fly in 2010. If she"s stuck mostly to the little screen, she has actually landed some significant movie roles, too, many prominently voice Gru"s oldest daughter, Margo, in the Despicable Me franchise. 

The actress took some time off in 2012 to attend the university of southerly California, majoring in film. While in college, she starred in a failure pilot titled Girlfriend in a Coma, prior to landing a lead function on the NBC comedy Crowded, which to be canceled after just one season. Cosgrove then booked the pilot Spaced Out, native Scrubs creator bill Lawrence, yet alas, the was additionally not ordered come series. Let"s hope she find a TV display that rod soon. 

Jonathan Goldstein, that played Josh"s father, Walter, was already an created actor when he joined the series. You might recognize the from The West Wing, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and also The Jitters.

After he perfect up his run on Drake & Josh, he booked guest-star appearances on shows such as Californication, Party Down, Grey"s Anatomy, house of Lies, and Fear the walking Dead. He likewise landed a function in the revival of the popular 1940s TV collection and radio drama Suspense

Goldstein, who is definitely not married come his Drake & Josh co-star Nancy Sullivan, regardless of all those stubborn rumors, has actually done some noteworthy work behind-the-scenes as a writer, producer, and director. He also oversaw 3 episodes the iCarly. But possibly his best work is the hilarious brief film series he made v Bell. In the series, he reprises his Drake & Josh duty alongside a entirety host the the shows" original stars (or, well, clones the them). Check it out.

Like her on-screen husband, played by Goldstein, Nancy Sullivan was additionally an achieved actress once she landing the part of matriarch Audrey on Drake & Josh. Her resume has appearances on The Amanda Show, dual Dare 2000, and The setting Sun, and also after Drake & Josh, she stuck close to the Nickelodeon family, showing up on Zoey 101 and in Drake & Josh flicks.

While Sullivan hasn"t been checked out on screen much that late, there"s a opportunity you"ve heard her voice. She lent her pipes to the Cartoon Network collection Squirrel Boy, along with the video game World of last Fantasy, and the cartoon Monster Island. ~ above camera, she"s had tiny roles in All youngsters Count, Abner the Invisible Dog, and also Unwanted Guest

She also reportedly teaches classes in ~ The Voiceover link in Burbank, Calif. 

It looks choose Helen ultimately got she due. Yvette Nicole Brown, the actress that plays Drake & Josh"s put-upon theatre manager, has end up being one of the show"s many successful alumni. The series offered Brown a constant gig after years of guest-starring, and also she immediately capitalized on that position, booking little roles in large films such as Tropic Thunder and also 500 days of Summer.

Brown"s next huge break came in 2009, as soon as she signed on come play Shirley Bennett, a spiritual mom ~ above the NBC (and later Yahoo!) sitcom Community. The present proved Brown could be a comedic powerhouse and opened doors for guest duties on Psych, once Upon a Time, Chuck, family Guy, and also more.

Brown left Community ~ its fifth season come take treatment of she sick father. She eventually signed on come the CBS multi-cam The strange Couple, which reportedly took up less time filming than the solitary camera Community. The odd Couple was canceled in 2017 after three seasons, yet Brown has already landed on her feet, nabbing a lead role in the alphabet musical comedy The Mayor, i beg your pardon is executive created by Hamilton"s Daveed Diggs. In addition to doing part killer voiceover work, she also hosts Cosplay Melee top top Syfy.

Outside that acting, Brown is a busy volunteer. The self-described "champion that kindness" promotes volunteerism through her website, encouraging fans to support organizations such together Donors Choose and also the Motion photo and tv Fund. 

Jerry Trainor to be a little unhinged in his function as theater attendant crazy Steve, and he carried that strange spirit right into future roles. Trainor"s best post-Drake & Josh component kept things in the family, through the gibbs signing on to play the older brother and also guardian that Cosgrove"s personality in the Nickelodeon collection iCarly—a duty that earned him Kids choice and Teen choice nominations. 

After iCarly, Trainor do the efforts his hand at leading yet one more Nick show, certification opposite buddy Handleson ~ above the comedy Wendell and also Vinnie. That series was axed ~ one season. Because then, Trainor has stuck mainly to guest roles, showing up on Still the King and 2 broke Girls. He also voiced the command character ~ above T.U.F.F. Puppy for five years, earning a Daytime Emmy nomination in 2013. 

Trainor is collection to reunite through his previous Drake & Josh co-star Bell because that the 2017 movie Cover Versions, yet that won"t it is in the just time he"s operated with one of his former castmates. Trainor is likewise a member the the tape Nice sufficient People with Allison Scagliotti, that played Mindy top top the show. 

In addition to rocking out with Trainor, Allison Scagliotti, that played Josh"s extreme girlfriend, Mindy, on Drake & Josh, has flexed her acting muscles. She guest-starred top top One Tree Hill, CSI: Crime scene Investigation, Party Down, and also Smallville, before landing a lead role in the Syfy series Warehouse 13.

While filming Warehouse 13, Scagliotti also attended new York University, majoring in film production. However, she claimed that program simply wasn"t for her and also wound up taking classes online to earn a certificate in playwriting and also screenwriting indigenous UCLA and a few different musical degrees from the Berklee university of Music. 

Scagliotti retained hitting up Hollywood when hitting the books. She led the Freeform series Stitchers and also booked a recurring function on The CW"s The Vampire Diaries. She additionally somehow uncovered time to star in the turn off Broadway music Jasper in Deadland and has said she"d love to take her talents earlier to the stage at some point. 

As Josh"s nerdy friend Eric and Craig, Scott Halberstadt and Alec Medlock were practically always seen together on the Nickelodeon series. While it appears they aren"t attached at the i know well in genuine life, they did occupational together again, showing up in Bell"s "Where"s Walter" shorts. 

Halberstadt didn"t act very much ~ Drake & Josh, showing up in a handful of commercials and also reprising his function as Eric top top iCarly. The previous thespian—who describes himself as a nerd in genuine life too—became a father and also a research manager because that the Beverly Hills-based talent firm William Morris Endeavor.

Medlock has continued to act, showing up on Warehouse 13, exactly how I Met her Mother, baby Daddy, Grey"s Anatomy, and also Touch. The has also lent his voice come Monsters University and Despicable Me 2. In 2013, Medlock efficiently launched a Kickstarter project to money Evelyn"s Wake, a short film that wrote and also directed. He states he think he belong behind the camera and also has ongoing to produce quick films v his friends. 

It seems choose Dylan Minnette"s surname is almost everywhere for his starring duty in Netflix"s struggle 13 reasons Why. However, many fans don"t establish he acquired his begin on Drake & Josh, earning his an initial on-screen acting credit transaction for briefly appearing in the Season 3 illustration "The Demonator." Minnette play Jeffrey, a son who reasons headaches for Drake, Josh, and Megan together they wait in line for a roller coaster. (Arr, indeed.) 

After his illustration on the show, Minnette began to book much more high-profile guest starring roles, showing up on Prison Break, Lost, and Ghost Whisperer. He also landed a starring gig top top the TNT drama Saving Grace and on the short-lived NBC collection Awake, adhered to by much more guest appearances ~ above Men of a specific Age, Agents that S.H.I.E.L.D., and Scandal

Minnette kicked turn off his movie career with parts in Prisoners and Alexander and also the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, an extremely Bad Day, adhered to by a starring functions in Goosebumps and also the horror film Don"t Breathe. However, it"s his gig together Clay on 13 factors Why the catapulted this previous Nickelodeon son to the A-list. 

The very same year Vanessa Hudgens booked a little guest-starring function as among Drake"s flings ~ above Drake & Josh, she landed a much, much bigger part as Gabriella in Disney"s High institution Musical. The starring function catapulted she to teen stardom. She used her instant symbol status to launch a music career, releasing her first album, V, in 2006, and also her second, Identified, in 2008.

Hudgens has ongoing to maintain a successful showbiz career, appearing in two more High school Musical films prior to moving on to more adult roles. She play Mimi in RENT at the Hollywood Bowl and also appeared in a slew of movies, including Beastly, Sucker Punch, feather Breakers, Machete Kills, and also Gimme Shelter

The actress relocated viewers come tears in 2016 v her an effective performance as Rizzo in Grease Live!, walk on regardless of the fact that her had father passed away the work before. 

She later landed the lead in DC Comics" Powerless comedy, but trouble behind the scenes supposedly resulted in the show"s demise after just one season.

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Hudgens" squeaky-clean image was tainted in 2007 when nude image of her surfaced online. Part reports alleged she sent out the photos to her previous flame, Bell, however he denied it and the scandal ultimately blew over. 

Lucy Hale additionally got her showbiz start on Drake & Josh as among Drake"s flings. Hale"s appearance in a Season 3 episode was reportedly simply her 3rd acting credit, however she quickly built upon the experience and soon landed a leading role on the NBC reboot Bionic Woman. That show was nixed after just one season, and also Hale"s next attempt at top a series, The CW"s Privileged, met a comparable fate. However, throughout that time, she did book high-profile roles in movies together as The Sisterhood the the Traveling pants 2, are afraid Island, and Sorority Wars

Hale"s huge break came as soon as she landed the lead duty of Aria Montgomery on abc Family"s (now Freeform"s) wildly renowned Pretty little Liars. As soon as she isn"t offering us #fashiongoals with her character"s not-so-appropriate-for-high college high heels, Hale is busy elsewhere on the big and tiny screen, showing up in A Cinderella Story: as soon as Upon a Song and also How ns Met your Mother. 

The actress has signed on to star in The CW dramedy Life Sentence, due out in 2018. On the show, she"ll beat a mrs who"s to be living life come its fullest because that years, reasoning she has terminal cancer, just to find that she"s been cured, which pressures her to attend to the results of her decisions. V Hale"s charm, the collection is sure to be a hit.