British musician Eric Clapton and also his girlfriend, Pattie Boyd, at the premiere that Ken Russell"s film variation of The Who"s absent opera "Tommy" at the Leicester Square Theatre in London, 26th march 1975. (Photo through Michael Putland/Getty Images)

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Her name Wasn’t Layla

The tune is along the present of what girlfriend think that is, actually. It to be 1976 as soon as Eric Clapton’s girlfriend, Patti Boyd, was taking a little bit long to get dressed because that a Paul McCartney event. Then genius struck! Clapton created “You Look wonderful Tonight” together his girlfriend indecisively cycled with outfits. This would certainly be among the handful of song he wrote around Boyd including, “Layla,” i beg your pardon he composed while she to be still married come George Harrison. Clapton sang this track to her live in 1979, the work after their wedding. Awww!

It’s so late in the evening; she’s wonder what garments to wearShe put on she make-up and also brushes her lengthy blonde hairAnd then she asks me, do I look all right?And i say, “Yes, you look wonderful tonight”

British blues-rock guitarist Eric Clapton and his girlfriend fashion model Patti Boyd, ex-wife the ex-Beatle George Harrison, pictured at the premiere the the absent musical movie ‘Tommy’ in London’s Leicester Square, 26th march 1975. (Photo by evening Standard/Getty Images)

As She Recalls

According come Patti Boyd, she says “he to be sitting round play his etc while ns was make the efforts on costume upstairs.

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I was taking so long and I was panicking about my hair, my clothes, everything, and also I come downstairs expecting that to yes, really berate me but he said, ‘Listen to this!"” 

She was rather of a rock and roll muse. George Harrison, her first husband, had additionally written a few songs around her including, “Something.” Though the song could have knowledgeable “overkill” together a staple at weddings and also proms, Clapton will constantly keep his love because that the fashion model alive in the text of “You Look exorbitant Tonight.” His adoration is evident as the sweetly added to the song:

I feel wonderful due to the fact that I seeThe love irradiate in her eyesAnd the wonder of that allIs the you simply don’t realize how much i love you