Young and the Restless fans ask who’s leaving Y&R in 2021 v Summer Newman (Hunter King) out and rumors that Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) will certainly follow plus Chelsea Newman (Melissa Claire Egan) walking soon. That’s one confirmed exit, 2 likely and also there’s an additional that viewers are currently asking about given the actor’s prolonged absence. Who’s in, who’s out and also how will the CBS soap cast change in comes days?

Is Summer Newman leave Young and the Restless – Yes? Is Kyle Abbott – Maybe

All signs suggest to Hunter King exiting her duty on Y&R together Summer Newman. Reportedly, the actress wanted an ext flexibility to pursue prime time opportunities and also that wasn’t one option. So, it looks prefer Summer’s trip to Milan will be long-term unless castle recast. However, longtime Young and also the Restless viewers may recall she left to go after prime time prior to then returned. So, never ever say never.

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Is Kyle Abbott exiting Y&R? There’s backstage chatter and also rumors on Michael Mealor. The report is that he wants more money to play Kyle. And the show is ~ above a chop budget and can’t/won’t give it. The inside resource says that negotiations have actually stalled. However, through both Summer and also her ex-fiance Kyle, there space no confirmations on personality status.

As because that the Young and also the Restless actors, CBS is notoriously tight-lipped. So, us don’t mean them to speak out on either…

Missing my favorites ♥️ #SaveSkyle #Skyle #YR

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Summer actress Hunter King had actually an abc comedy pilot that COVID killed. There’s no word on that revival and also no movement. However that doesn’t average she doesn’t have actually other short article Young and also the Restless projects in the functions that haven’t make it come IMDB yet. Mealor still has Y&R and also Kyle top top his society bio and also is still showing up as Kyle Abbott on the CBS soap.

And Kyle’s front burner now, so for currently he’s no leaving together they’d need to write an exit plot…

Chelsea Newman the end on Y&R quickly – will certainly Melissa Claire Egan Return?

Young and also the Restless con mrs Chelsea Newman is greatly spotted in the bed at Fairview this days, clutching a pillow to cover her infant bump. The actress is around ready to pop. So, it’s safe to say she maternity leaving is underway and we should see Chelsea’s last scenes soon. Plus, v Connor Newman (Judah Mackey) on the scene, the sets the phase for Chelsea Newman’s leave storyline.

Chelsea wants payback on Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) and Sharon Newman (Sharon Case). But an ext than that, Chelsea wants to check out her son, remind Young and also the Restless recaps. This week, Chelsea gets the wish together Adam bring their kid by because that a visit. At the exact same time, Chelsea schemes through Chloe Mitchell (Elizabeth Hendrickson) to aid her escape. Yet Victor Newman’s (Eric Braeden) top top high alert.

Is Nick Newman leaving Young and also the Restless?

This question popped increase this week and could be propelled by Joshua Morrow’s personality leaving for Italy with Summer Newman and not however returning. Nick has actually a video clip chat through Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) however he’s not existing in Genoa City. That has some pan worried. Plus, there’s chatter about Young and also the Restless tightening the belt and moving some actors indigenous contract to recurring.

Backstage chatter from a source at CBS daytime says some veterans may be relocated off contract. Morrow is certainly a vet and he’s gained no front burner story ideal now. Because Nick and Phyllis are resolved in together a couple, castle talk around their daughter now and then. And also talk around hopping in the bag now and then. And Nick defends Adam sometimes. Not much else top top Young and also the Restless.

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However, every signs suggest to Nick coming right back from Italy, so there don’t seem to be any type of immediate problems on the front. He’s just not essential in any immediate scenes, so obtaining Summer Newman settled is a plot point. And she demands comfort after ~ her split from Kyle Abbott. We’ll save you to update if there’s any type of confirmation ~ above the actors playing Kyle Abbott or Summer Newman and other cast changes.