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General exception to the octet preeminence include molecule that have an odd number of electrons and molecules in i m sorry one or an ext atoms possess much more or fewer 보다 eight electrons. Molecules through an odd number of electrons are fairly rare in the s and also p blocks but rather common amongst the d- and also f-block elements. Compounds with much more than one octet that electrons around an atom are dubbed expanded-valence molecules. One version to describe their existence uses one or an ext d orbitals in bonding in addition to the valence ns and np orbitals. Such types are well-known for only atoms in period 3 or below, i m sorry contain nd subshells in their valence shell. Learning Objective is to assign a Lewis period symbol to aspects not having actually an octet of electrons in their compounds.

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Lewis dot structures administer a an easy model for rationalizing the bonding in most recognized compounds. However, there room three basic exceptions come the octet rule:

Molecules, such together NO, through an odd number of electrons; molecules in which one or much more atoms possess more 보다 eight electrons, such as SF6; and also Molecules such as BCl3, in i beg your pardon one or an ext atoms possess less 보다 eight electrons.

Odd variety of Electrons

Because most molecules or ion that consist of s- and also p-block aspects contain even numbers the electrons, their bonding can be defined using a model that assigns every electron to one of two people a bonding pair or a lone pair. Molecules or ion containing d-block facets frequently contain an odd number of electrons, and also their bonding cannot adequately be described using the straightforward approach we have emerged so far. There are, however, a couple of molecules containing only p-block facets that have an odd variety of electrons. Some necessary examples are nitric oxide (NO), whose bioubraintv-jp.comical importance was described in previously chapters; nitrogen dioxide (NO2), an oxidizing agent in rocket propulsion; and chlorine dioxide (ClO2), i m sorry is offered in water purification plants. Think about NO, for example. With 5 + 6 = 11 valence electrons, over there is no method to attract a Lewis framework that gives each atom an octet of electrons. Molecule such as NO, NO2, and ClO2 require a more sophisticated treatment of bonding.

example 1: The (NO) Molecule

Draw the Lewis framework for the molecule nitrous oxide (NO).


1. Total electrons: 6+5=11

2. Bonding structure:


3. Octet on "outer" element:


4. Remainder of electron (11-8 = 3) on "central" atom:

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Less than an Octet that Electrons

Molecules with atoms that possess much less than an octet the electrons usually contain the lighter s- and p-block elements, especially beryllium, typically with just four electrons roughly the central atom, and also boron, frequently with six. One example, boron trichloride (BCl3) is provided to develop fibers because that reinforcing high-tech tennis rackets and golf clubs. The compound has 24 valence electrons and the complying with Lewis structure:


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example 8

Draw Lewis dot structures for every compound.

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BeCl2 gas, a compound supplied to create beryllium, which subsequently is offered to develop structural materials for missiles and also communication satellites SF4, a compound that reacts violently through water

Include resonance structures where appropriate.

Given: two compounds

Asked for: Lewis electron structures


use the procedure given earlier to compose a Lewis electron framework for every compound. If necessary, place any type of remaining valence electron on the element most likely to be able to accommodate more than an octet. After every the valence electrons have actually been placed, decide whether friend have attracted an agree Lewis structure.


A since it is the the very least electronegative element, be is the main atom. The molecule has 16 valence electron (2 native Be and also 7 from every Cl). Illustration two Be–Cl bonds and also placing three lone bag on each Cl provides the complying with structure:

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