The lengthy stretch the road in between LA and Vegas is usually a rite of i for plenty of a 21-year-old Californian. It takes around four and a half hours (if you go the rate limit), and many believe it is just a desolate desert with nothing to do. If a most travelers merely want the drive to it is in fast, over there is actually a many to carry out on the method if you have the time come explore. Usage this post to make your following drive an ext of an adventure and also less the a race. This stops room in bespeak of the trip beginning from Los Angeles.

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270 miles4.5 hours at regular speedBe sure to research the operating hours of any type of of the areas you want to visit

The Drive

Since most world like to obtain out that the city before they make their an initial stop, this article purposely starts in ~ the optimal of the Cajon Pass. Here begins your adventure.

 The Mormon Rocks


Right off the freeway together you strategy the top of the pass, this rocks will instantly catch her eye because of your size. Girlfriend don’t have to travel very far off the roadway to view them since they dot the landscape because that miles. The main visitor center and also the go area are around 5 minutes off the freeway, and the one-mile loop gives you a many of an excellent views the the enormous sandstone giants.

The trail begins at the Mormon Rocks Fire Station situated on Highway 138 just west of interstate 15.

Route 66 native Victorville to Barstow


If you have time, I indicate you get off on exit 153a close to D Street and also take old path 66 up from Victorville to Barstow. ~ above this drive, friend will see old diners, my favourite antique shop, and also the most renowned spot on the drive, the Bottletree Ranch.

Read around the trip here.

Bottletree Ranch


This ode come independent arts is a beautiful and also odd prevent that you will not forget. Elmer’s arsenal of steel trees full of old bottles and also other vintage points is fun for a stroll or a photographic adventure. Among my favourite spots ~ above the totality drive. Update 2021: I go by and also it was not open. The is still yes, really cool from the outside yet I am not certain what the present status that this ar is after ~ the pass of Elmer.

Read about it here.

Route 66 Museum


Located in the old train station in Barstow, the course 66 Museum is a good stop when it is open up (Usually Friday – Sunday, 10 am – 4 PM). You deserve to learn much more about the historical route here, and there are several trains girlfriend can check out outside of the building as well.

Location – 681 N 1st Ave, Barstow, CA 92311

Old mrs Meteorite (second biggest in the USA) and original Del Taco


Within half a mile of each other, you have actually both the earliest meteorite in the USA and the original Del Taco. The will rely on her personality regarding which girlfriend are more excited about, however you can constantly do both! I usually pick the meteorite and venture right into the children’s museum to check out it. This avoid will not take very long, but it’s cool to see at least.

Meteorite – within the Desert Discovery facility in Barstow

Oldest running Del Taco

While this is no the initial Del Taco place (more on the later), this is the longest-running Del Taco. They have items here that they don’t sell anywhere else, favor the Barstow Taco and also Carrot Cake. Check it the end if you are hungry.

Located in ~ 401 N 1st Ave Barstow, CA 92311

Large Fireman’s Helmet

Right beside the Barstow Fire ar Headquarters you can see this giant fire helmet. The helmet payment tribute come the firefighters that lost their lives on September 11, 2001.

Train car McDonald’s


If the last 2 were not your thing, you can stop at the train vehicle McDonalds, on the last departure in Barstow. This point out is on course 66 as well, and it provides a fun avoid for the whole family with lots to see and eat. Keep in mind that it is popular, for this reason it’s constantly packed ~ above the weekends. Basically, that is an old railroad terminal that is now a collection of stores and also food options.

Located at 1611 E main St Barstow, CA 92311



They call themselves the “Disneyland of gas stations,” and it is basic to see why. This substantial store has everything from ice cream and also drinks come pizza and also snacks. That is more than likely six time the dimension of a usual gas station. They additionally have a four-story ice cream sundae outside and a shrine to the Lakers basketball team inside. Be certain to make a rapid stop there.

Located at 36017 Calico Rd, Yermo, CA 92398

Liberty Sculpture Park

Liberty Sculpture Park is 15 acre right next to the freeway and Eddieworld in which sculptor Weiming Chen has made plenty of different pieces condemning the be oppressive of communism in China. The is fine worth her time to visit and to learn an ext about.

Located at 37570 Yermo Rd, Yermo, CA 92398

Calico Ghost Town


This advertisement ghost city is not my favorite stop however is worth visiting at the very least once. There are a lot of of good photo methods here, and lots of exploring for the whole family in this historic town. The highlight is a long mining tunnel you can walk with for a fee.

Read around it here

Peggy Sue’s Diner


If girlfriend are trying to find a place to eat, this is a great stop. They have all the food girlfriend would mean from a diner such together hamburgers and apple pie.

When you end up eating, there is a large garden outside, complete with steel dinosaurs and a shop whereby you deserve to buy 1950-60s memorabilia.

Read around it here.

Jenny increased Sign


As made famed by a Sheryl crow album cover, world love to avoid at this authorize for a photo. The old restaurant is no much longer there, yet for many, that is a great picture come take.

Located at 35863 Ghost city Rd, Yermo, CA 92398

Mojave national Preserve


While this is pretty much for a short trip, I need to say something about the preserve since it is the third-largest nationwide park in the unified States and is literally full of adventures. Here are the closestly ones to the highway (although none are really close).

Zzyzx Road


Everyone who has driven to Vegas has seen this road, but few actually gain off top top it. I obtained off come visit, and also it is a nice trippy place. Girlfriend drive about 5 mile down half paved half dirt road, and also there is an enormous dry salt lake bed and an old compound that has its own amazing history. This is a great stop once, but it is strange to be under there through literally nobody else, for this reason it may not be your thing. Update 2021: This area was closed and also there was no upgrade for as soon as it would certainly reopen.

Read about Zzyzx road here.



The town of Baker is a famous stop because that gas, especially because there has been nothing for the last 60 mile of the drive. There are a many restaurants and fast food point out here. Ns recommend a strawberry shake from mad Greek, Beef Jerky from alien Jerky, and then a photo of the world’s biggest thermometer.

Check out all the stop here

Death Valley

If you have actually an extra day, you can head into fatality Valley from Baker together well. I wouldn’t recommend rushing it though, so if you don’t have at the very least 24 hours, then go to the park at a various time. Right here is a video I do on exactly how to invest 24 hours in fatality Valley.

Valley Wells remainder Stop


I understand it is weird to speak to out a rest stop, but there isn’t much left in California top top this drive. This rest protect against is nice because it has some history on the bordering area and also a “Welcome come California” sign.

Lotto Shop

Literally, the last ar you deserve to stop on this journey (in California) is the lottery shop. This shop ~ above the outskirt of Primm is a stone’s throw from the border and was placed in particularly on the California side because that the Nevada occupants to buy California lottery tickets when the pot is big. I have heard the present can obtain pretty long, but I to be not lot of a lottery player, so ns am no positive.


These last couple of are every technically in Nevada yet still excellent stops.

Bonny Clyde Death automobile – Whiskey Petes


Inside Whiskey Pete’s casino at Stateline is this exhibit committed to Bonny and also Clyde, complete with the car they were shot in, which still has a bunch of cartridge holes. Update 2021: This exhibit has actually been loaned out to an additional museum and is no longer here. I am no sure once it will certainly return.

Location: 100 W Primm Blvd, Primm, NV 89019

Largest Chevron in the World

Located in Jean Nevada, this Chevron gas terminal is the world’s largest. It is end 50,000 square feet and it has over 95 gas pumps. That is other you should see as soon as you space driving to ras Vegas and also a great spot to get out and stretch your legs.

Location: 1 Goodsprings Rd, Jean, NV 89019

Pioneer Saloon


Pioneer Saloon is just one of the earliest bars in Nevada (about 15 minutes turn off the freeway). Clark Gable and also many various other celebrities frequented it, and also it is a an excellent spot for food and also drinks.

Location: 310 NV-161, Goodsprings, NV 89019

Seven Magic Mountains


This arts installation is one you have no doubt seen before on social media. It should be below until at some point in 2022, therefore be sure to inspect it out.


Here is a video clip I do of all these stops and more on the way from LA to las Vegas.

For much more spots come visit outside of Vegas, check out these two recommendations and also click the picture to find out more.

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Valley the the Fire State Park


Red absent Canyon State Park


So there you have actually it, my perform of stops on the drive to Vegas. Hopefully, this helps you have more of an adventure on your following trip, and also at the very least if you lose all your money when you space there, you have the right to see something fun on the way home. Feel complimentary to talk about anything i left off below.