Don’t have any kind of sage ~ above hand while you’re making a recipe? this is the finest sage substitute because that the fresh and dried type of this herb.

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Making a recipe the calls for sage and also don’t have actually it? Or desire to substitute dried sage for fresh? Sage is a new herb with a earthy pine-scented flavor the originated in the Mediterranean. When it’s offered in may recipes, it’s flavor is most often associated with the holidays because that its well-known use in stuffing and with poultry. Sage has actually

When it’s the season, we recommend growing sage in your garden (here’sHow to grow Herbs). And also of course, dried sage is a need to in any type of home cook’s summer sprouts cabinet! however don’t have actually time to choose up more at the store? Here’s the best sage substitute because that the dried and also fresh herb.

How to substitute dried sage for fresh?

The finest option because that fresh sage is to usage dried if you have it top top hand! One note around dried sage: there are two varieties you deserve to buy: rubbed sage and also powdered or floor sage. Rubbed sage is make by rubbing the leaves together and also it has a coarse, fluffy texture. Powdered sage is a well powder. Us recommend rubbed sage due to the fact that it has the best flavor. Here’s the counter ratio:

Ratio: For 8 huge or 12 medium sage pipeline or 1 tablespoon fresh chopped sage, instead of 1 teaspoon rubbed sage. 

Best sage substitute

Note that exactly how these choices work depend on the form of recipe and also how the sage used. The course, it’s ideal to run out and also grab some if at all possible.

1. Rosemary (fresh or dried).

The best sage substitute? Rosemary. Rosemary has comparable pine-like undertones, and also it’s especially reliable fresh. You can also use the dried, yet keep in psychic it has a different look (rosemary has actually long needles vs a floor appearance). Usage equal parts of new or dried rosemary for fresh or dried sage. Or you could use the fresh vs dried ratio above to substitute 1 tespoon dried rosemary because that 1 tablespoon chopped new sage.

2. Thyme (fresh or dried).

The next best sage substitute? Thyme. Thyme has actually a comparable herbaceous high quality to sage, yet it’s not virtually as strong. Of course it doesn’t have actually the distinct earthy flavor that sage brings, yet it will perform in a pinch. You deserve to use equal parts fresh or dried thyme because that fresh or dried sage.

3. Poultry seasoning (dried).

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Here’s a fun trick! Sage is typically the main ingredient in poultry seasoning, therefore in a pinch you can use it together a substitute for sage. This functions for the dried variation only.

4. Marjoram (fresh or dried).

A final sage substitute? Marjoram. This herb is a little an ext unique, therefore you might not have it top top hand. However it can work if you have actually it. Instead of equal parts fresh or dried marjoram because that fresh or dried sage.

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