Dr. Travis Stork has come a long way since his work on The Bachelor

Dr. Travis roadway Stork may just be one of the most famed doctors around thanks come his appearance as The Bachelor during its eight season and as a long-time co-host ~ above the popular medical talk show The Doctors. However, over there is a lot more to the well-known doc than even his best admirers know about.

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Back in 2006, Dr. Travis Stork was The Bachelor top top the 8th season that the famous reality date show. Women almost everywhere followed the show, and the numerous female contestants vying to obtain Travis’ heart. Who wouldn’t want to get married a doctor? Stork gained the possibility to be The Bachelor when a producer of the present spotted him while he to be out with his other ER friends and sat under to speak come him.

Before the announcement: The Bachelor

Next thing Travis knew, he was in Paris, France for the taping that the show, through him gift at the facility of the all. As Travis said when he was interviewed year later, “The following thing girlfriend know, ns literally in Paris together the Bachelor.” tiny did he recognize that his insignificant on The Bachelor would launch a tv personality career because that the high doctor.


The Bachelor season 8 ended with Travis picking Sarah Stone, a schoolteacher who lived simply down the street from the in Nashville, Tennessee. The show was pre-taped, of course, and once it to be aired because that the people to see and also fawn over, Travis and Sarah announced the they had currently broken up prior to the finale’s airing. This, however, wouldn’t it is in the finish of the love train for Travis.


The only an adverse thing to come the end of his time as The Bachelor, was the he felt like he essential to justify himself. “What ns didn’t expect was coming earlier and then feeling choose I then had actually to justify every the hard work I placed in. Because I operated really hard in med school and residency. I operated hard, and my document speaks for itself.”

Negative side effect

Travis lane Stork was born in Colorado. That attended battle each other University for his undergraduate studies, adhered to by clinical school at the college of Virginia. That proceeded to carry out his hospital residency at Vanderbilt university Medical facility in Nashville, Tennessee. The was during his residency the he to be on The Bachelor. Travis is one emergency room physician. His parents, follow to Travis, to be farmers from the Midwest.

Rural upbringing

Travis’ claim to fame isn’t The Bachelor, in our opinion, it is his hosting task on The Doctors. The talk present centers roughly three medical professionals who each specialization in a different field – obstetrics, pediatrics, and also plastic surgical treatment – and also the advice they provide to your audience based on the questions they are presented with. The display was thought up after Travis was on Dr. Phil number of times and also audiences couldn’t gain enough.

The Doctors

The show, The Doctors, won a Daytime Emmy compensation for outstanding Talk show Informative back in 2010. The ratings that the show have been steadily farming over the years and as a result, has had the display enjoy ongoing success. There was a examine in England in 2014 that proclaimed that most of the advice the doctors were providing was supported by evidence yet at the very least 24% was unfounded, producing a slight controversy.

Emmy Award

Travis resides in Nashville, Tennessee. As soon as he isn’t busy on the little screen, the likes to it is in outside and also active. His favorite pass times incorporate kayaking, mountain biking and also hiking. Travis takes pride in his physics appearance and likes to preserve as healthy a way of life as he probably can. Considering the is a doctor, us would expect no much less of him.

Outdoor guy

Travis might not have uncovered love top top The Bachelor, but he did discover someone ago in 2009. Travis met pediatrician Dr. Charlotte Brown 3 years before popping the inquiry in 2012. The pair married in a small and intimate awareness in Colorado. Sadly, their marital relationship did not last. The couple divorced in 2015 after 3 years that marriage.


Travis shot come fame through his appearance on The Bachelor in 2006. While that may have actually started ~ above the show, he has actually been on numerous others thereafter. That doesn’t play characters on television, however rather provides appearances together himself. He has been ~ above Rachael Ray, The Talk, Dr. Phil, Today, to chat Tonight, Steve Harvey, inside Edition, and also Hollywood health Report, to surname a few.

Television appearances

So why does a television personality live in Nashville and also not in Los Angeles? “I just missed Nashville,” that explains. “Now the it’s evolved, in a strange way—other 보다 the traffic—I think i’ve fallen in love v it much more because there are now pockets for everyone. Whatever your desire are, you can discover a community.” This is just how Travis keeps his feet top top the ground.

Home is where the quiet is

There are many reasons because that why Travis ended up being a physician. Helping rather is a given for those who get in the medical field, however Travis additionally said, “I just was never ever meant to be someone who was sitting every day in prior of a computer,” the explains. “Even though i was great at math, i feel prefer that experience verified me the you can use science and additionally have the personal element.”

Why he came to be a doctor

Doctors are additionally not immune to acquiring their own clinical issues. Travis said, “About two decades ago, after some basketball injuries, I occurred severe arthritis in both the my large toe joints. Ultimately, I had to have surgery in both, yet unfortunately, it no go really well.” In the hopes of obtaining the pain under control, Travis determined to experience physical therapy rather of one more surgery.

Health issues

Travis met through Danielle Orland, a physics therapist, in order to aid him with the issue he was having with his feet. “Meeting v Danielle … she would press specific areas, and also it would elicit so lot pain,” that recalled. “Honestly, ns not sure why i let it obtain that bad.” In bespeak to store Travis moving, that has because been wearing custom orthotic shoes inserts.

Physical therapy

People have actually raised the inquiry of if Travis is directly or a part of the LGBT community. Whether the is anyone’s business remains open for discussion, however he had neither evidenced or denied any type of preference. There space online polls v many more people reasoning that Travis is LGBT. In ~ the finish of the day, the doesn’t really matter (but response one means or an additional would it is in nice).


While his home in Tennessee is his main place of residence, Travis has another apartment in the Hollywood Hills while that is filming The Doctors. What started out together a simple apartment that he wasn’t sure just how long he to be going to it is in in, since the display was in that is infancy, has come to be his residence away indigenous home. The apartment is one-thousand square feet in size. His favorite room is the life room.

Another home

Of his ar in Los Angeles, Travis said, “It’s among the couple of places in L.A. Whereby I can find a many peace and quiet. The an are belies the fact that we’re smack-dab in the middle of a busy city. But the apartment backs up to the Wilshire nation Club, so I periodically hear the sometimes golf sphere being teed off.”

Hollywood Hills hideaway

When mentioning his favorite item of furniture in his home, Travis discussed how the is tough to find pieces that fit his height. He said “I’m 6 foot 4, so I have actually a bistro table that can be elevated. I often tend to do most of my job-related standing up. I herniated a bowl in my earlier a couple of year ago, so because that me, furniture has become around functionality and also comfort.”

Too tall?

In enhancement to gift the hold of the television talk display The Doctors, Travis is additionally a published author several time over. Travis has been ~ above the brand-new York Times best Seller list an ext than once. His book list has The Lean belly Prescription, The Doctor’s Diet, and most recently, The shed You belly Diet: adjust Your Gut, change Your Life.


As that 2019, Travis is claimed to be worth $12 million. His superior income comes from his time ~ above The Bachelor, and the long list of subsequent television appearances that came after. His best money-maker would, of course, have to be indigenous his time as co-hosting The Doctors, which he has been on because September 2008. Other large ticket items room his books and endorsement deals, which network him a few millions just a year.

Net worth

Travis has actually a very huge heart. Among his best loves has actually been his rescue dog, Nala. “She’s one of my finest buddies in my life — possibly the an extremely best,” Stork, 45, told viewers. “The producers asked if I’d be ready to talk around it due to the fact that Nala is nearing the end, and I’m not going to have her funeral until she passes.… Preparing because that the end, and also yet not having their funeral till it comes, that is a little of an emotionally roller coaster.”

Animal lover

Rumor has actually it the Travis and also singer Carrie Underwood were an item for a brief duration of time. This rumor was shown by Travis’s brother-in-law’s father who said that Travis and also Carrie were together, “They have been dating. They room a lovely couple.” This whole situation happened in 2008, before Carrie’s marriage to Mike Fisher, which taken place in 2012.

Carrie Underwood connection

Travis and his show, The Doctors, were the people to try and number out what was wrong with former teen heartthrob Aaron Carter. Aaron to be on the present for are afraid of having human immunodeficiency virus and also other problems as that was too frail. In enhancement to his fears, Aaron is likewise open around his usage of illegal substances. Travis said that “We experiment Aaron for everything just looking for any type of disorders and we additionally tested what was a big concern for him.”

Travis ~ above Aaron Carter

Today, Travis is filming the 10th season of The Doctors. The present has made the a family name in daytime television. Together we discussed earlier, Travis has actually been on other television reflects that are likewise in the daytime genre together a an outcome of The Doctors. He was recently interviewed by several magazines, preserving that over there is an recurring interest in his life.


If you’re a pan of The Bachelor, you’ll recognize the best part is the ending – when the doting Bachelor provides his liked lady a beautiful rose and also (normally) proposes come her. However, Dr. Travis want to execute things his way. Although he wanted to begin a relationship, the did not want to marry her just yet. So, rather of providing Sarah rock the ring to put on she finger, he put it through the chain that a necklace and gave she a loving accessory. Awkward.

A loving accessory

Just favor us, countless fans were absolutely ravaged to discover that Sarah and Dr. Travis had ended things after simply a couple of months. Back Travis and rock obviously had a spark, it was clear that the relationship was doomed indigenous the start. In fact, Dr. Travis has actually blamed the present for the breakdown of your love. After the filming that The Bachelor ended, Sarah and also Travis (who lived just about the corner from every other) to be not allowed to see each or speak to each other, so they didn’t spoil the finishing for the viewers. Because of this, their relationship just couldn’t work.

A doomed relationship

Although Sarah and also Dr. Travis sadly break-up up, that wasn’t all doom and gloom because that the pair. ~ going their separate ways, the former schoolteacher has chose to tread a different path. She left her project in the school and also embarked top top a career in the real estate industry. Her new lease that life (excuse the pun) lead her in the direction that a brand-new love, and she is currently married with two children. However Sarah wasn’t the only one to get lucky…

Life ~ The Bachelor

While Travis may have actually not found the love of his life ~ above The Bachelor, that made one more Bachelor illustration on the 20 season special called The Bachelor in ~ at 20: A celebration of Love. Travis Skyped into the present as he can not be over there in person due to filming his show however he thanked Bachelor fans for always supporting him in his tv career.

20 seasons of The Bachelor

As a trained doctor, it’s no surprise that Travis Stork leader a healthy life. In fact, he makes sure the is always setup a an excellent example because that his fans and also those that follow his work and career. In many of his books, Travis shows the prestige of physical exercise – and makes certain he fits this right into his busy lifestyle. So, that rides his bike into work every solitary day to show people that that the small steps that count towards better wellbeing. Walk on, Travis!

Setting a great example

Just favor Aaron Carter, many celebrity guests have actually taken a seat in The physicians studio to seek aid from Dr. Travis Stork and also the other clinical professionals. In 2016, Basketball player and also ex-husband of Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom, take it a seat to resolve his difficulty with illegal substances. A couple of days ~ the interview, Odom checked himself into a rehab clinic, many thanks to Dr. Stork’s advice. Lamar currently seems to be making a full recovery.

Celebrity guests

As the 2019, Aaron Carter has actually been two years clean. After spending time in rehab complying with Travis’ advice, he has been focusing on his psychological health as well as that of his mother, who he is urging into treatment for her issues with illegal substances.

Aaron Carter’s recovery

There have actually been thousands of celebrities ~ above the sofa through Dr. Travis Stork, and also he always makes certain he has actually an emotional connection with them. One of the most inspiring moments was once Travis to be asked around the Blink-182 drummer, Travis Barker. In 2008, Barker was affiliated in a horrific crash, where he to be only one of two survivors. Dr. Stork speak of his significant resiliency during this ordeal and was therefore proud of the recovery he was making.

Feeling proud

When The physicians was first drawn up, the world groaned. Ugh, not one more hour of watching old, dull physicians trying to persuade us come eat healthy? Nevertheless, after simply a couple of weeks top top the air, The Doctors had actually proved that it was so much more than a boring clinical talk show. The physicians themselves, together with Dr, Travis Stork (and his beautiful eyes) had made the show a warm topic, with countless viewers tuning in to capture a glimpse the the hunk. Oo-er.

A new genre of TV

Like many of us, Stork has had a few nightmare first dates. As soon as he was just 16-years-old, Stork was gaining ready because that his an initial date through the girl the his dreams. He began to drive over come her location when he suddenly felt nauseous (uh-oh). Virtually instantaneously, Stork had obtained sick anywhere himself and the entirety car. Pretty gross, right? Stork obtained to occupational with clean the mess, however couldn’t remove the smell. In the end, that poured a totality bottle that cologne in his car…

A nightmare first date

Alongside his troubles through his feet, Dr. Stork has actually struggled with other health and wellness issues. In fact, he started to build chronic ago pain and also neck spasms while he to be filming season 8 that The Doctors. Sometimes, the pain would be so negative he would totally lose emotion in his arm. Although he to be smart sufficient to know that this was not okay, Dr. Travis simply ignored his difficulties – and also they just obtained worse and worse.

Back pain

After a while, Dr. Travis knew that he couldn’t overlook the pain anymore, for this reason enlisted the aid of a other doctor, Dr. Melamed. Dr. Melamed made sure he take it as numerous tests and scans as feasible to determine the cause of the pain and also the best way to reduce the condition. After miscellaneous MRI scans, it was discovered that Dr. Travis had an infringement on his C7 nerve root (which isn’t too good) which was weakening his spine. Stork wanted to avoid surgery, so opted because that acupuncture and a devoted treatment plan.

Dr. Melamed’s help

When it pertains to TV shows, Dr. Travis Stork is primarily attached to The Doctors, The Bachelor and various other talk shows, such together The Rachael ray Show and also Entertainment Tonight. However, the isn’t where his TV career ends. In fact, Dr. Stork make a cameo ~ above a well known TV display – of course, concerning the lives of doctors (what else?) In 2009, he appeared as himself on the well-known TV show, three Rivers. I mean, it is pretty cool.

A small cameo

When Dr. Travis Stork isn’t wowing united state all with his impressive medical knowledge, his lovable charm on The Bachelor, his books, or his social media presence, that loves to spend time through his family. Stork frequently takes his father on camping trips or take away his family on vacation with him. This is why so many human being love Stork – although that is extremely famous (and rich) he is quiet a down to earth guy that loves his house comforts.

Family time

Ever because divorcing his an initial wife Charlotte in 2015, it seems Dr. Stork was concentrating on his career much more than he was on recognize love. After all, his schedule was together hectic as anything you can imagine – he has shows to plan, publications to write, and he has actually a full social calendar that more than likely made dating difficult. However, they say that good things concerned those who wait, and that certainly came to be the instance for the handsome young doctor…

Looking because that love

In enhancement to appearing on his very own show, Dr. Stork has appeared on various other talk reflects such as the Rachael beam Show. In one of his numerous appearances, Travis discusses do meals the taste good but that are likewise healthy. The emphasized that one of the best ways to do a meal healthy is through section control. That also added that back you may think a food is bad for you, it can not it is in true.

Rachael Ray

Travis is trained as an er physician and also on among the illustration of The Doctors, viewers gained a look at what ER doctors confront on a everyday basis. Dr. Stork said, “When friend show world a glimpse the what wake up in these clinical centers, lot like we’re may be to do on ours show, it permits you in ~ home, if friend do finish up in the E.R., you’ll feel an ext comfortable.”

A day in the ER

While Travis’ show The medical professionals has acquired a many fame and success, some dispute has arisen approximately whether or not the information listed on the display is accurate. In 2014, The British clinical Journal evaluate the show based on evidence that supported the advice provided on the show. Lock concluded the over 60% that the references made top top the display were based on evidence and almost 15% had proof to contradict what the doctor’s said.

Study on The Doctors

Dr. Travis Stork make a comedic guest illustration on a pair of episodes the spoof reality present called Real house Husbands of Hollywood. The display airs on BET and also stars Kevin Hart, Nick Cannon and Robin Thicke. The stars play fictionalized version of themselves and the present follows them together they live their day-to-day lives of the rich and famous in Hollywood. Travis do appearances in illustration where among the personalities does no donate a kidney to an ok friend.

Real residence husbands

Travis newly wrote an article about some the the myths that civilization who room trying to lose weight could believe. Art of the short article touches on the inquiry of if carbs really do you gain weight. He gave this advice. “Yes, cutting simple carbs help rev up weight loss. But it’s not crucial to push complicated carbs off your plate. You can lose weight and also burn fat while still enjoy it the countless health benefits of fruits, veggies, legumes, and whole grains.”

Getting healthy the ideal way

In one article, Travis questioned the benefits of coconut oil and if it actually does what its individuals hope the does. Travis detailed that there has been a lot of attention neighboring the oil recently and also said, “I’d still prefer to see much more research however in the meantime, i think that fine to include coconut oil in your diet. The adds a nutty, rich, practically buttery taste to salads and sautéed vegetables.”

Coconut oil?

Dr. Stork debunked an notorious myth on Larry King’s present when Larry king asked if additional are forced if people want to get fit. Stork was rapid to denounce it together a myth and warned viewers saying he speak his patient to be careful with what additional they select to take. The said, “It is among the many unregulated industries.” He included that world should educate themselves about what supplements lock take and if there space potential side effects.

Larry King appearance

Dr. Stork had been using the exact same office to work on his television display for 10 years and also it required an update. Travis’ office acquired a makeover from the design firm called Laurel & Wolf. His office was very outdated and he said, “If I’ve ever been the personality is bad onstage, the probably simply my office’s fault,” Travis was an extremely happy with the revolution and to be stunned when he walked in to view his brand-new workspace.

Office makeover

Travis is anywhere social media. He knows that with social media he can acquire a bigger platform and remain as appropriate as he would like. His Twitter profile has 168,000 followers on it. His profile reads, “Travis Stork, M.D., is a board-certified emergency medication physician and also host that television’s The Doctors.” He short articles photos and also articles he find interesting, and also posts his very own thoughts on miscellaneous topics.

Social media

In 2016, Travis found love again v Parris Bell after meeting through common friends in Nashville. In August, 2019, the pair tied the knot in one intimate low-key Nashville ceremony and also now the doctor and 27-year-old are expecting their first child together in the upcoming summer.


Both Parris and Travis announced the interesting news top top their personal Instagram pages, in addition to some adorable images from a photo shoot plainly dedicated to this very purpose. In the photos the two are both smiling and also holding a small sign that additionally reveals they space expecting a infant boy. Parris emotionally included to her inscription she’s hoping the little man will gain Travis’s beauty, brains, temperament, and personality, linked with her own athletic talent.

It’s a boy!

Travis plainly has a very exciting year front of him, both personally and also professionally. In his career, the is proceeding promoting healthy and balanced living through his TV-show and also books – and his focus this year is heart health. This is a relocate away native his previous focus on gut health and also belly fat. And also he has actually some an easy tips for exactly how to store your heart solid and healthy, tips that are also beneficial to general health and well-being, both physical and mental.

Career news

To snack smarter, regulate stress better, and also stay active are the three key tips Travis recommends his audience, and also these are three points he takes to love in his personal life. Because even though it may not look like it, the does still battle with his vault injuries and health issues. He has said publicly human being don’t realize this due to the fact that he look at young, yet that his wife have the right to attest it takes him long to get up in the morning and get his body to move normally, without major pain.

Still battling pain

When it concerns “snack smarter” and also what that really means, Travis describes it all comes down to maximizing the antioxidants. He used to eat largely to stay lean, yet with age and also his health problems – he has realized the is no longer top priority. Instead an increasing antioxidants in his diet by eat for instance berries and nuts, helps his body take care of the pains better. Another thing he has been taking day-to-day for the previous years and also swears by, is turmeric – which additionally has anti-inflammatory properties.

Maximizing the antioxidants

Since that is quickly to become a father, these days Travis is concentrating on making certain he can be the best and also healthiest dad possible, and luckily he has actually picked increase a few tips and tricks over the years, indigenous al his work-related on Doctors. Him and also wife Parris are an ext than ready for the challenge, but also know how to do the many of the calm before the infant storm. Freshly took the opportunity to go on a little babymoon in Cabo san Lucas, Mexico, enjoy it delicious foods and gorgeous views.


When that wasn’t relaxing, eating amazing meals, or getting pampered, Travis shared plenty of photos of the babymoon in Cabo mountain Lucas. The expedition apparently did that good, since the doctor was feeling influenced with his captions. Once he common this photo of an amazing sunset in vibrant reddish hues, he created that “Life no just around the variety of breaths us take, it’s the number of moments that take our breath away,” along with the hashtags #babymoon and also #blessed.

Feeling inspired

Even though he was on holidays on what looks and sounds favor the dreamiest the places, Travis knew he had actually to save things real. ~ all, everybody to know that having actually a baby completely changes the routine around the house. He mutual a ring of photographs, among which to be one whereby he’s pointing to his wife’s infant bump, and wrote the caption “Enjoying our critical well-rested Christmas because that the next 18 + years,” adhered to by the hashtag #Storkbaby.

Keeping in real

Travis wasn’t the only one sharing pictures of the babymoon in Cabo san Lucas. HIs mam Parris additionally let she Instagram pendant know about their amazing trip together, offering everyone an insight on their personal lives. In one of her posts, she mutual that the “Guacamole withdrawals are hitting hard,” follow me by a series of food emojis. Us hope she didn’t suffer too much from her cravings, together they say a pregnant woman should always get the foods that she wants.

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Guacamole cravings

After your well-deserved vacation, it was back to common life, as the expecting parents take it every feasible measure come make certain their baby will certainly be health and also happy. Travis shared an image of the baby’s sonogram through the subtitle “Little man just chillin before the at sight Bowl,” and we expect he took pleasure in the match, since if we recognize anything about babies, the was most likely the last time he was able to watch a complete game undisturbed, at least for a couple of years.

Keeping up with the Stork Baby

While Travis to be wondering around his future the sleepless nights, Parris was reminiscing about the past, as she common photos of what appears to it is in the couple’s “first look” – the moment where bride and also groom check out each other in private, moments prior to the wedding ceremony. To go with the candid pictures, Parris wrote, “Thanks for placing up with my shenanigans
travisstorkmd. I love you!,” and we all let the end a collective “aaww.” Cheers because that the happy couple!

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