Dorothy Dandridge’s daughter Harolyn Nicholas

Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas was born come actress Dorothy Dandridge and her husband dancer Harold Nicholas (of the Nicholas Brothers) ~ above September 2, 1943. Harold was inattentive the Dorothy and when she remained in labor he dropped she off at she sister-in-law’s home while that went out to pat golf. Dorothy wanted to wait until he returned before they visited the hospital but when the pains ended up being too intense they left without the end him. They had actually to take it a neighbor’s vehicle since Harold took your car.

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Dorothy’s delivery was strenuous and also Harolyn was born with brain damage called cerebral anoxia, possibly because of her delayed birth or the use of forceps throughout her birth. At very first she didn’t think anything was wrong through Harolyn, yet at the age of 2 she was still not speaking. Dorothy took her to a doctor who evidenced that she was mentally disabled. The medical professional advised Dorothy to provide Harolyn up and have one more child yet she refused.

While dealing with this Harold was largely lacking and havingaffairs throughout your relationship. By 1948 he had actually abandoned his family, therefore Dorothy lastly filed for divorce after 8 years of marital relationship in 1950. Because Harold refused to financially contribute, Dorothy elevated her daughter together a single parent. Harolyn’s disability required consistent care and expenses took it’s toy fee after Dorothy’s divorce from Jack Denison in 1962 left her in debt. Dorothy filed for bankruptcy. She was required to market her Hollywood home and place her daughter in a state mental institution in Camarillo, California. Dorothy avoided speak publicly about her daughter till 1963 when she appeared on Cleveland’sThe Mike Douglas Show. She to be praised for bringing awareness to mental retardation and her moving segment was displayed throughout the country.

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“I never really assumed I might give mine daughter up to an institution. Ns guess the longest period of time that I have actually been away from she was about six months.Actually, she has actually no conception the time. She doesn’t know exactly how long I’ve been away. She doesn’t also know I’m she mother. She just knows the she likes me and also I prefer her, and she feeling warmth and that I’m a pretty person.”

Dorothy passed away at the period of 42 native an embolism top top September 8, 1965. Harolyn remained in the state’s care. No word on whether any kind of family member ever visited her. Follow to some online resources she passed away in 2003, but there space no reports about her death. Accused no one declared her body.

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