CBS’ infamous Blue Bloods has garnered countless fans since its debut in 2010. The display keeps viewers top top the sheet of their seats watching crime unfold through a stunner level of realism. The present shines thanks to the family-oriented spin the producers included which absolutely gives it an edge over cookie-cutter crime dramas.

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Considering the show’s boosted viewership for CBS, what execute the paychecks look favor for the cast members? while the details for most are under wraps, they haven’t to be able come keep everything a secret.

Will Estes

On this week's #BlueBloods, Jamie strives to rely much less on Frank's intake to renders decisions. Currently the latest episode here:

— Blue Bloods (
BlueBloods_CBS) January 5, 2019

Will Estes has a varied body the work and boasts over four decades in the industry. He’s ideal known for his work-related on The CleanerIn plain Sight, and Eleventh Hour. The Celebrity Jeopardy winner’s network worth varies depending on the source, Celebrity net Worth has actually him coming in in ~ $5 million yet other resources say $12 million.

Estes plays Jameson ‘Jamie’ Reagan, the youngest that Frank’s kids. He’s basically the gold boy who went to regulation school but couldn’t save himself from adhering to in his dad’s footsteps. Estes’ also went the extra mile to prepare for the role. So, how much the “little young blue” gift paid? Considering his secretive nature, it’s difficult to say yet he’s definitely making more than the “base salary” of $60,000 an episode.

Len Cariou

Len Cariou is a Canadian actor and also producer best known because that his work on SpotlightDeath WishThirteen Days, and of course Blue Bloods. The gold Derby compensation winner dram the role of the Reagan family patriarch and also former NYPD police commissioner, Henry Reagan.

Cariou’s estimated net precious varies relying on where you look, but Celebrity network Worth has the long-standing gibbs clocked in at only $6 million. Considering Cariou’s on-screen time that most most likely doesn’t traction in as much as several of the other actors. Favor Estes he’s pulling in at the very least $60,000 one episode, the typical for ensemble stars.

Donnie Wahlberg

Can't sneak anything previous Danny… #BlueBloods

— Blue Bloods (
BlueBloods_CBS) January 5, 2019

Donnie Wahlberg dram Danny Reagan, Frank’s earliest son. The display follows Danny as he investigates significant crimes around brand-new York City. The investigator isn’t fear to gain his hands dirty to fix a case. Prior to serving justice on Blue Bloods, Wahlberg showed up in iconic movies like The sixth SenseSaw II, and Dreamcatcher. 

Wahlberg’s four decades in the industry has boosted his net precious to $20 million. Considering he’s a central cast member he has to be making a pretty penny, most most likely somewhere between $60,000 and $150,000 every episode.

Bridget Moynahan

Bridget Moynahan an initial popped increase on the radar because that her function as Natasha in Sex and the City. She’s finest known for her components in I Robot, where she functioned alongside beloved star will certainly Smith and Lord that War where she rubbed shoulders v Nicholas Cage and Jared Leto. Currently she’s to be reborn together Erin Reagan, the daughter of Frank and also the office Chief in ~ the Manhattan district Attorney’s Office.

Moynahan’s net worth is surprisingly much more than that of the second richest Wahlberg. She come in in ~ $25 million. Considering Moynahan’s superior net precious she’s making at the very least the mean ensemble salary, $60,000 an episode.

Tom Selleck


Tom Selleck | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Hollywood introduced America come Tom Selleck 4 decades earlier when he starred as Thomas Magnum in the iconic crime drama Magnum P.I. Although he had numerous roles before the show, it to be the component that really made Selleck shine. After all, he to be nominated 7 times because that a gold Globe and also managed to also snag one because that bringing Magnum to life in 1985. His long run in the entertainment sector as not just an actor, yet a writer and also producer, has landed Selleck a net worth the $45 million.

In Blue Bloods, he networks his crime experience as NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan. The CBS present pays the end $200,000 to Selleck per episode, a $50,000 increase from his beginning salary virtually a te ago. Regardless of the raise, his salary is nothing contrasted to what he offered to do for Magnum P.I.

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With Selleck having the greatest net worth of his comrades, it’s for sure to say he just might be the highest-paid gibbs on the popular crime series.