BETH CHAPMAN was the truth star wife of Dog the Bounty Hunter. At the finish of 2019 she passed away aged 51 complying with a long fight with cancer.

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We take a look at she life and also her family...


The pair Beth and Dog in more happiness times.Credit: Getty - Contributor

Who was Dog the Bounty Hunter's wife Beth Chapman?

Beth Chapman was an American bounty hunter and also reality star.

She shot come fame in 2004 once she showed up alongside she husband Duane "Dog" Chapman, top top his display Dog the Bounty Hunter.

She likewise appeared in Dog and also Beth: top top the Hunt and in her last series, Dog's many Wanted.

As a young adult she to be a nightclub singer, waitress and clerk and also spent the bulk of her early life in Colorado prior to moving to Honolulu come be with her future husband Duane, that she married in 2006.


Beth retained her fans up-to-date with he cancer battle

What was Beth Chapman's cause of death?

Unfortunately Beth to be diagnosed with phase two throat cancer in early 2017.

Beth's fatality was confirmed by she husband Duane that then announced her passing top top Twitter.

He wrote on June 26, 2019: "It’s 5:32 in Hawaii, this is the time she would certainly wake up to go hike Koko Head mountain.

"Only today, she hiked the stairway to heaven. Us all love you, Beth. Check out you on the various other side."

Before the news of her death damaged Hawaii News currently reported that the 51-year-old was placed in a coma by staff at Queen's medical Centre in Hawaii.

The reality star couple's large day in 2006Credit: Getty Images

When walk Beth and Dog get married?

Beth and Dog acquired married on might 20. 2006 in ~ The Hilton, Hawaii.

This to be Chapman's fifth marriage.

Recently it has been reported the Chapman is currently in a partnership with Moon Angel



Did they have children?

The pair had two biological children together, Bonnie joanne Chapman (1998) and Garry Chapman (2001)

Chapman also embraced Beth's daughter native a vault relationship and also helped her relocate and reconcile with a son she had when she was simply a teenager.

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Chapman had seven children from vault relationships and the pair to be happy come raise them in your blended family members home.

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