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I"m not even sure what you space asking. If you work-related for Walmart, i am sure they have jury duty salary in their written policy.
Like Joe says, you require to check your employer"s composed policy. The Court Clerk definitely won"t know. many jurisdictions administer some token "per diem" because that each day of jury duty. An employer usually isn"t obligated by law to pay the employee while they room serving ~ above Jury Duty, although castle must enable that employee time off to serve. Numerous employers, specifically larger ones, will pay the employee their regular salary, when they room performing your jury service. Girlfriend will regularly have to be classified together a "full-time" employee, though.

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Even locations that perform pay you your continuous pay most won"t salary "unlimited" days because that Jury Duty. Together said, they room not required to salary you for any kind of days you offer on a Jury, the court pays usually what parking and food cost you because that the day.
I would certainly be surprised if Walmart pays you.I job-related for a regulation firm and we are not paid because that jury duty. Therefore, the solitary people questioning to acquire excused because we cannot afford a week or two v no earnings (The court pays a chuck $10 a day and it costs $5 per day come park)
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