What Did mine Patient actually Take? an overview of Amphetamine ResultsTuesday, June 11, 2019

When reviewing unexpected drug trial and error results, countless providers question, “What did my patient in reality take?” In this month’s clinical update, we examine the translate of amphetamine outcomes from Aegis scientific researches Corporation. Please note that the translate of amphetamine assays differs as soon as using presumptive vs. Definitive trial and error methods, and may differ among laboratories. The information noted here is to plan to aid providers v deciphering amphetamine outcomes from Aegis, which have actually undergone definitive trial and error by liquid color layer analyzer / tandem massive spectrometry prior to reporting. 

Results that drug experimentation may be unexpectedly an adverse or positive. In the case of unexpected positive amphetamine results, consider the following drug exposures:

Example the Expected confident Amphetamine Result:



Example that Unexpected hopeful Amphetamine Result:



In the instance of unexpected negative amphetamine results, over there are numerous points to consider:

Example the Unexpected an unfavorable Amphetamine Result:



What medication is the patient prescribed?

Example the unexpected an adverse amphetamine result in patient in reality prescribed methylphenidate (Methylphenidate testing was added for the sample ~ consultation with Aegis Clinical Team):



When to be the patient’s critical dose? was the sample built up after a “drug holiday”?

Many patients taking amphetamines for attention or hyperactivity disorders take a break from your medication top top weekends, holidays, or various other times as soon as their symptoms space not together disruptive (time away from school or work). This type of dosing schedule is generally discussed in between provider and also patient therefore the provider is aware of how often the patient might need a new prescription. If a patient gives a pee sample top top a Monday, for example, and they have actually been without their amphetamine due to the fact that the ahead Friday, a an unfavorable result might be consistent with this dosing. In a research by Cody, et al., where subjects ingested Adderall 20 mg day-to-day for five days, urine drug concentrations declined following drug discontinuation to below the Aegis threshold of 250 ng/mL after 27 come 45 hours, depending upon the patient.2

Has the patient newly experienced vomiting or diarrhea?

Vomiting and also diarrhea can disrupt typical absorption and metabolism the medications and reduce excreted amounts to undetectable levels. Think about recent gastrointestinal condition in the interpretation of unexpected an adverse results.

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If analyzing urine results, is the sample dilute? Is the pee pH elevated?

Aegis offers special report comments to alarm providers as soon as the urine creatinine falls below 20 mg/dL. Urine samples through such a short creatinine level are much less concentrated, and urine medicine concentrations might fall below the report threshold in such samples. Patients that drink a many water, consume caffeine, take diuretic medications, have disorders the antidiuretic hormone, or various other physiologic disturbances influence urinary concentration may create less concentrated urine. Intended dilution may take place either v intentional ingestion of copious amounts of water or by including water to the urine sample native the hygiene sink or toilet. Together aberrant habits should be considered in the paper definition of the entire patient presentation through a provider utilizing his or she clinical referee to evaluate this possibility. Color the toilet water blue before sample collection and assessing the urine temperature in ~ 4 minutes of arsenal (should be in between 90°F and also 100°F) are extr measures to check for sample tampering.3-4 although the influence of urine pH would not likely be so significant to reason unexpected an unfavorable results, suppliers may take into consideration that an elevated to pee pH may reason reduced excretion of unchanged amphetamine. To pee pH might be elevated as a natural physiologic an answer to manage the body’s acid-base balance, or the may likewise be elevated if the to pee was no stored properly prior to shipment.

Further information concerning specimen tampering is obtainable in the Aegis Clinical Reference guide at https://www.ubraintv-jp.com/resources/clinical-reference-guide/. Click the location “Specimen Validity Testing and Specimen Tampering” and download a copy the this chapter.

A conversation of unanticipated amphetamine results must also include a fast review the some usual misconceptions:

Prescription and also Over-the-Counter Medications

Some point-of-care trial and error (POCT) gadgets may result in a false hopeful for amphetamines in patient who space taking specific prescription, over-the-counter, or illegal medications. Cross reactivity can occur with this kind of testing among drugs with similar chemical structures.5-7 Non-amphetamine prescription, illicit, or over-the-counter drugs would not cause a false positive for amphetamine on Aegis definitive testing. Please see below for a list of medicine which may reason a false positive for amphetamine on POCT.4,8-17 Drugs significant with one asterisk (*) either contain or metabolize to amphetamine, and also are thus a true optimistic result. Since some that these space over-the-counter, the interpretation may not it is in easily acquired from the medical record. Please refer to the package insert the came v the POCT device being supplied or contact the manufacturer for much more information concerning which drugs may reason false hopeful results together this information may differ among devices and manufacturers.


Workout improvements / diet Supplements

Amphetamines are regulated substances and also would no be intended to be uncovered in over-the-counter supplements. When supplements are not arisen or regulated with the same level of oversight together FDA-approved drugs, the visibility of managed substances such as amphetamines in over-the-counter additional is no likely.

At Aegis, we understand your comes to as girlfriend evaluate critical drug experimentation results. Unforeseen amphetamine results might be indicative the noncompliance, drug misuse, or diversion, and we welcome her calls and also e-mails for help in interpreting these results.

NOTICE: The information above is intended as a source for health care providers. Providers need to use their independent medical judgment based on the clinical requirements of the patient once making determinations of who to test, what medicines to test, trial and error frequency, and the kind of trial and error to conduct.



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