Vin Diesel is a renowned acting star, well known for his starring function in Fast and also Furious series. That is also the voice behind Groot, a substantial creature in Marvel Cinematic universe Avengers, among others. His actual name is Marc Sinclair Vincent.

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He has three children, two daughters and a child with his longtime girlfriend, Paloma Jimenez. Enough about Vin Diesel. The trending news is on his newly revealed brother, who is not simply a brother, yet a fraternal pair to him; Paul Vincent.

Paul Vincent – Vin Diesel’s twin Brother

So, what about Paul Vincent? He was born top top 18th July 1967 in Alameda, California. His mommy is Delora Sherleen Vincent, however the identification of his biological father stays in the dark. He was brought up by his action dad, Irvin H. Vincent, who surname the Vincents use. Various other than Vin Diesel, he has actually two various other siblings, Tim and Samantha Vincent.

Paul Vincent, being a fraternal pair to Vin Diesel, is the opposite of his brothers in outlook and appearance. His face is hairy, and he keeps fairly some hair, unlike his outright brother.

Vin Diesel pair Brother’s pictures


Is Paul Vincent Married?

Paul Vincent himself has actually never talked about his marital relationship life, and also neither has anyone close come him. This information has, therefore, no been disclosed. Hence, no one in public knows whether or not he is married.

Does Paul Vincent have Children?

Owing to Paul gift reserved, we can’t tell whether or no he has kids. When it is not recognized whether or not he is married, the is not possible to understand whether the is a dad yet.


Paul Vincent has tried as much as possible to store his personal life and career to himself. However, we recognize that that is a graphics producer. He was the producer behind the 1995 Multi-Facial movie, amongst others. The was connected in component of the Fast and also Furious series as a sound producer.

What Is Paul Vincent’s network Worth?

Once pan realize that you are associated to a famed actor, the next question is definitely; your net worth. The precise value of the riches of Paul is no yet clear. However, that is likely between $1 million and also $5 million.

There is a discrepancy in between sources, but his net worth certainly lies in between these 2 figures.


Paul Vincent is an extremely public person. This is contrary to most world who have close relations with a star like his brother.

People just knew recently around him v Vin Diesel, who posted that on Instagram. Post a picture of Paul and Paul Walker, who is deceased. Fans would have thought that the two Pauls were brothers. Vin Diesel had, however, made it clear that the second Paul was his brother.

Paul Vincent Vs. Vin Diesel

Paul Vincent and Vin Diesel are nothing prefer twin brothers. Other than being fraternal, the two brothers are various in virtually all the various other aspects.

While Vin Diesel verified an attention in the exhilaration career since early in his childhood, Paul to be the opposite. He has actually never even tried acting.

Unlike his brother, Vin Diesel has actually all his info in the limelight; childhood, career, family and net worth.

Due come his successful acting career, Vin Diesel is worth $160 million, if his brothers is likely worth $5 million in ~ most.

Despite this differences, the two brothers seem like tight friends.

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Final Verdict

Though there is not much known around Paul Vincent, the small known tells that he is a nice person. Moreover, the is not right into the limelight; therefore most the his exclusive details still hidden.