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One of the main requirements that United claims Postal company (USPS) is passing the medicine test. The pre-employment medicine test is mandatory for every applicant regardless of the postal company job. The applicant is required to provide a medicine test no sooner than three months before the rental date. Just those individuals that happen the medicine test are inducted as employees.

USPS medicine Screening: an Overview

A drug test in ~ the USPS is composed of urinalyses. It is forced once the prospective employee has passed the required postal exam, and cleared the interview. A medicine test continues to be valid for 3 months after the is conducted.

Applicant names that are gotten in on the hiring list are compelled to happen the drug test. The drug test is performed at a stated test center. The prospective employee is asked to empty everything in the pocket, and also then go to the bathroom. The tester will certainly stand outside as you to fill the cup v urine.

Once you hand over the cup, the tester will placed a stick in the cup. If the stick mirrors a yellow hue, the tester will certainly then proceed to put a sample the the pee in one more cup and also mixes it v some chemical to check for opiates, weed, or coke.

If the individual passes the medicine test, the hiring process will proceed. Otherwise, the separation, personal, instance will come to be indelible because that the postal company job. Also, an separation, personal, instance that fails to respond to the test will certainly be considered ineligible. The HR has the discretion come reschedule the test because that an individual the does not show up for the screaming.

Does USPS enable a person who has failed a medicine Test?

Individuals who have failed a drug screening room disqualified because that the postal business job. However, the disqualification is not for an unknown period. A person have the right to again use for the write-up after the slide out of three months. However, prior to that time, the separation, personal, instance cannot use for the federal job.

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USPS conducts the drug testing to ensure a drug-free and also professional environment. Applicants who use drugs that room illegal according to the federal law are considered inappropriate for the postal business job. Remember that the USPS considers the commonwealth law and not the state or regional laws concerning the legal status of drugs.


A drug trial and error may also be asked for after the job offer has been made. Clearing the drug test is the last hurdle in acquiring a federal business job. Well, you additionally have to clear the interview and also pass the postal exam. However, the initiative made in this respect is well worth it in the end because of the attractive pay package, high job security and other fringe benefits that come through federal jobs. So, it’s necessary that you put in effort and time to boost your chances of securing the united state postal organization job.