ROCKY star Sylvester Stallone's family members life has actually been well-documented end the years.

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Stallone's brothers Frank famously written music because that Sylvester's Rocky movies, yet many execute not reubraintv-jp.comgnize that the star additionally has four half-siblings.


Many execute not understand that Sylvester Stallone has 4 half-siblingsCredit: Getty - ubraintv-jp.comntributor

Who are Sylvester Stallone's siblings?

Frank Stallone

Frank Stallone is Sylvester's only full biological brotherCredit: Splash News

Frank Stallone is Sylvester's younger brother and also his only full organic brother.

He is mainly a singer-songwriter and wrote music because that his brother's films.

He created Take You ago which featured in Rocky.

His song much From end was also played in American dance musical remaining Alive starring man Travolta.

The song got to number ten ~ above the Billboard Hot 100 but only struggle No68 in the UK.

Frank received golden Globe and Grammy nominations because that the tune.

Toni D'Alto


Toni was Sylvester's younger half-sister ~ above his mother's sideCredit: Getty pictures - Getty

Toni to be Sylvester's younger half-sister top top his mother's side.

Born in 1964, Toni was an American movie actress.

She starred in American thriller The Appointment.

Toni passed away at 48 after a long battle with lung cancer.

Bryan Stallone

Bryan is Sylvester's younger half-brother on his father's side.

He is the kid of Sylvester's dad candid Stallone Sr and his fourth wife kathleen Rhodes.

Not much is known about Bryan Stallone.

Carla Stallone 

Carla is the younger half-sister the Sylvester top top his father's side.

Carla is no in the public eye.

Dante Stallone


Dante is the last child of frank Stallone Sr and also Kathleen RhodesCredit: Facebook

Dante is the youngest son of frank Sr and also Kathleen.

The 23-year-old studies Biology at Florida State University.

In 2018, Dante purchased a share in Celebrity Farms and also now part-owns a ubraintv-jp.comlt called Celebrity Stallone. 

Who are Sylvester's parents?

Sylvester's mother Jackie was mother to singer open minded Stallone and late actress Toni D’AltoCredit: Getty images - Getty

Sylvester's mother Jackie, an astrologer, was likewise mum to singer Frank and also late actress Toni D’Alto.

In January 2005, she joined the UK’s version of Celebrity huge Brother as a "surprise" housemate.

Jackie to be married 3 times in her life - an initial to she sons' father, open minded Stallone Sr.

Together Jackie and also Frank had two boy - Frank and also Sylvester.


Katie Price hit with repossession order for £1.35m 'haunted' mansion Stallone Sr to be a hairdresser, yet later had a short acting job - play the timekeeper his son's movie Rocky.

He was married three more times after splitting from Jackie.

He passed far in 2011 aged 91.

Jackie later married Anthony Filiti whom she had actually daughter Toni with.

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Jackie died in September 2020 in ~ the age of 98.

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