Tristan- If you’re reasoning that a 3 load of prophylactics costs approximately $5 and also Mountain Dew is only $1.99 because that the 2-liter, for this reason why not save yourself $3 on her contraception, think again! salary the extra money! hill Dew does not kill your sperm, lower sperm count, do your cock smaller, or shrivel up your testicles (unless it’s ice cold and placed straight on your testicles, climate there can be some momentary shriveling).

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I always love a great urban legend. Ns once acquired a co-worker to believe coffee shrank his penis. Every I needed to perform was usage a bunch of big words in a coherent way. (It also helps gift a paramedic, as civilization tend to take her medically protestations an ext seriously and also you have actually a bigger keep of clinical terms top top hand. It provides quite a little of fun, I can tell you.) i made certain to use medical terms the didn’t understand, and also BAM! He stopped drinking coffee for weeks. That figured it out a few weeks later and never believed anything I claimed again. I have the right to only assume this legend came about in a similar way. That being said, I’m never ever one to just say something there is no explaining why. Let’s look at mountain Dew and see why specifically it doesn’t kill sperm.

Mountain dew has many ingredients. The two that gain mentioned the many in this myth are caffeine and also Yellow dye #5, also known together Tartrazine.

Let’s start with caffeine. Mountain dew has 54mg of caffeine in a 12 oz can. That could seem choose a lot due to the fact that coke has 34mg per 12 ounces, Dr. Pepper has 41, and also Pepsi has actually 38. If caffeine was truly the cause, drinking coffee would likewise have to it is in out. The median cup the drip coffee has 217mg per 12 ounces, around 4 times an ext than the mountain Dew! So because that comparison’s sake, hill Dew doesn’t contain very much caffeine, contrasted to various other things many generally drink.

The idea the caffeine affects the opportunities of having a baby is true. There have actually been several studies that present women that drink 3 or an ext cups of coffee a day have a diminished chance of becoming pregnant compared to those that don’t drink coffee. Unfortunately, the specific nature the why caffeine affects conception rates is unknown. Because those who drink much more caffeine also tend to have unhealthier lifestyles, countless of the studies site life format as the reason and not necessarily the caffeine itself.

The idea that caffeine input affects sperm in some means seems to be dose related. The Chemical health and wellness Hazard Assessment department of the Canadian bureau of Chemical safety and security (they really need to work on that name!) reviewed all the present studies top top the subject and also found the they showed that if a guy drank one or 2 cups that coffee every day, he would have an increase in his sperms motility (the ability to move) and density. If girlfriend drank 4 or much more cups and additionally smoked much more than 1 pack of cigarettes every day, her sperms motility and density would certainly decrease. The examine concluded that only hefty smokers must worry around drinking too much coffee and sperm problems. The writer went on to say that those sperm troubles would most likely not impact fertility.

In the end, it shows up you would need to drink around eleven 12 ounce cans of hill Dew (or a similar amount that other famous caffeinated soft drinks) and also smoke over 20 cigarettes prior to your sperm would be affected. If girlfriend did, that impact wouldn’t cause any type of fertility issues. At the point, I would certainly worry much more about your cancer and also diabetes risk, no to mention the effects on her heart and lungs, prior to I would worry about your sperm.

Now let’s look at the various other proposed reason of sperm problems and also Mountain Dew- Tartrazine (yellow dye #5). Tartrazine has actually been used in food, ice cream creams, drugs, and many various other products since 1916. Most every one of Tartazine you placed in your body will certainly come the end in her urine. Very tiny is actually metabolized by our bodies. The european Food safety and security Authority re-evaluated the effects of Tartrazine in 2009. What they uncovered was that there space no adverse results on reproduction or advance from consuming Tartazine. They even tested civilization at a rate of 1225 mg/kg and still discovered no adverse effects. So for a 175 pound human being that’s 97,443 miligrams! It would be impossible to drink sufficient Mountain Dew to exceed this levels.

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Sperm affect aside, the FDA walk recommend the we must only ingest 5 milligrams every kilogram every day that Yellow dye #5. This has nothing to carry out with reproduction worries, but an ext about allergic reactions. Over there is a small percentage of the population that is allergy to Yellow dye number 5 (1/10,000 causes hives according to the FDA). The facility for scientific research in the general public Interest notes that Tartrazine is uncovered in so plenty of products, native Kraft Macaroni and also Cheese and Doritos to shampoos and hand stamps, that the average daily consumption is roughly 12.75mg per day. At these levels, over there is still no worries around sperm problems- just allergy ones.

In the end, mountain Dew will not affect you sperm, testis, or prick size in any type of way. Should you want to disregard all scientific evidence to the contrary, I suggest you additionally have her mate was standing on her head after ~ copulation. Over there is no way she can get pregnant then!

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Bonus Facts:

According to the people Health Organization, the typical ejaculation contains about 100 million sperm cells. If you have actually less than 20 million every milliliter, you space at danger of infertility issues. It only takes among those small guys to fertilize an egg.Unlike women, who stop creating eggs after menopause, a male will have the ability to produce sperm throughout his life. Back the older he gets, the much less sperm he deserve to produce.Inside that a woman’s body, a sperm cell have the right to live as much as 5 days. Exterior of the body, it depends on the conditions. The warmer and also wetter the environment, such together a bath or warm tub, the longer it will live. In a dry environment, such together clothing, they die quickly, as soon as the semen has dried.Even though mountain Dew doesn’t influence sperm, temperature does. Optimal sperm production requires certain temperatures. It’s therefore that as soon as men acquire too cold, together in the situation of swim in a cold pool (“I just obtained out the the pool!”) your testes retract back into your body. Conversely, once you acquire too warm, your body allows them come hang lower via the cremaster muscle. This keeps them cooler. Countless studies point to a temperature of in between 35-36 levels Celsius as the optimum sperm manufacturing temperature. Your body is normally around 37 levels C. The warmer your testes, the higher chance her sperm will have actually damage. So keep the lap-tops off your lap and your heated automobile seats on low!Whether your sperm is good or not, in certain cases, you can want come think twice around donating sperm in Kansas. The state the Kansas has now taken to going after ~ sperm donors for kid support. (I can’t make this stuff up!) Mr. William Marotta of Topeka Kansas donated his sperm come a lesbian pair in 2009. Thinking he was doing his early diligence, he and also the pair signed an commitment that he would not assume any type of financial responsibility for any kind of child castle mothered. Quick forward 3 years, and that pair is currently separated. One of them shed her job and applied to the state for support. The state then sued Mr. Marotta for ago child support- speak that since he did no go with a doctor to donate the sperm, there was no proof the wasn’t the mother’s lover. Castle disregarded the covenant he signed, stating that wasn’t enough proof! Sketchy Kansas, sketchy!Expand because that References