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I quit drinking Mountain Dew for years after being ‘informed’ that the light-green soft drink lowers sperm count in males. To now, I still believe that Mountain Dew is indeed ‘The Sperm Killer,’ yet is this claim scientifically true? This issue derived from a 1999 report from Wall Street Journal that questioned the effects of Mountain Dew on miscellaneous claims in the UNITED STATE Tright here have actually not been consistent research studies or actual confirmations to bolster the belief that Mountain De

w has effects on sperm count. In fact, tbelow have been a miscellaneous amount of misconceptions.

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The main reason why civilization think Mountain Dew reduces sperm is based on the ingredients of the soft drink. A bottle of Mountain Dew, generally, has 290 calories, with 91 milligrams of caffeine. Like various other soft drinks, this one has the majority of sugar and also calories. However before, the particular ingredient that has actually involved civilization is tartrazine, additionally well-known as the mighty ‘Yellow Dye No. 5,’ which contributes the neon shade of the soft drink. In the mid-1990s, tright here were many clintends that drinking Yellow Dye No. 5 in Mountain Dew affected masculinity, particularly shrinking testicles.


Cap of Mountain Dew, reflecting ingredient Yellow Dye No. 5

While this claim was devoid of clinical proof, a research including mice from different countries linked usage of tartrazine via a absence of sperm. However, according to the Food and also Drug Administration (FDA), have actually implied that tbelow is evidence proving that Yellow Dye No. 5 has opposite side results, prefer raising sperm cells. Also, the soft-drink’s corporation, PepsiCo, have additionally dismissed these clintends and also revealed no complaints of sperm reduction.

Conclusion? Mountain Dew is not a SPERM KILLER! It’s just a insurance claim with a absence of evidence and also background. While these claims have brought about havoc, it’s evident world will certainly still drink Mountain Dew bereason of its popularity. Mountain Dew is one of best-marketing drinks. Grant, it is ideal to be conscious of what ingredients are in particular soft-drinks. Yes, soft drinks are definitely not as healthy as a bottle of water. There have been no particular claims to prove that Mountain Dew is dangerous for males.


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9 thoughts on “Mountain Dew, Dubbed “The Sperm Killer”?”

December 2, 2016 at 10:48 am
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Wendy Sun December 2, 2016 at 10:42 am

I’ve heard from many type of people that Mountain Dew lowers sperm count and your write-up shown that for me! If Mountain Dew lowers sperm count, why are we letting consumers drink it? It would certainly certainly have actually various other adverse health and wellness affects. A few years likewise I remember seeing on the news that a perkid uncovered a whole rat inside a hill dew have the right to. I understand I’ll never before pick up a can ever again.

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Madelyn Erin Peikin October 21, 2016 at 11:56 am

I have constantly heard the opposite. I have heard that Mountain Dew boosts sperm. You pointed out that after discussing that it is shelp to decrease sperm count. I am not a guy, so either means it doesn’t matter to me, and also I don’t think many males drink Mountain Dew for that function but it is good to have actually some indevelopment on researches percreated on the question of whether it has actually any kind of impact on sperm count. Thanks for sharing!!

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