Meghan Trainor is a young singer, who can boast with two Grammy nominations and several warm singles.

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Meghan got interested in music and she tells that her musical household helped the girl to build her talent. She is a daughter that Kelli Trainor, a homemaker, and Gary Trainor, a music teacher. Her father played body organ in church and the future celebrity started her career at the period of 4, as soon as she sang in a church choir alongside she father.

Meghan Trainor thrived up in addition to her two brothers, Ryan Trainor and Justin Trainor. Meghan tells, that her childhood was not happy, because she experienced from weight problems. Being a plus sized child, the future star dreamed about slim belt or thin legs and also hated to watch in the mirror. It was she father Gary, who sustained the girl and also convinced her the she was extremely beautiful.

To get rid of childhood problems, Meghan Trainor began to make music. She play the piano from the faster years and also at the period of 11 the girl created her an initial song. Once her parents noticed their daughter’s attention to music, castle bought her all the essential equipment and she started to record songs just at home.

Of course, Meghan Trainor’s parents assisted the girl to end up being a star. She never forgets to give thanks to to she father and mother for their difficult work and also support, which aided Meghan come disclose she talent. That course, the star desires that one day she will produce her very own family, provide a birth to her very own children and also will help them find their means in this life.


Meghan Trainor v Her Mother

But for now Meghan Trainor appears to it is in single. She dated some man at school, but their connection didn’t work and also they separated. She ex sweetheart still resides in Meghan’s hometown and he phones the star native time come time. The girl is proud the her unforeseen success, yet at the exact same time she confessed she was not lucky in love.

“I used to date many negative boys and also I have paid because that them”, Meghan said in one of her interviews. The girl taped a tune “Dear Future Husband”, wherein she mutual her ideas around future family life and about the boy’s treatment towards girls. Meghan tells, it was a kind of a message to every girls everywhere the world, who allowed their boys to treat lock in a crude oil manner.

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Meghan Trainor. Family

Meghan gained married to Daryl Sabara (actor from Spy Kids) on she 25th birthday in Los Angeles.