Some people love hot sauce and cannot get sufficient of it. Others dislike it and also never to buy or use it. And there’s a third kind of people: those who neither love nor dislike it and also only usage it if a recipe calls for it.

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If friend belong come the 3rd group, chances are there’s a half-open party of hot sauce sitting in your fridge for fairly some time already. And after a couple of months, at any time you watch the bottle, the concern “does hot sauce go bad?” comes earlier to you.

If you’d choose to discover a bit more about storage, shelf life, and if hot sauce have the right to go bad, review on.

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How come Store warm Sauce

There are a most brands of hot sauce the end there, and also the list of ingredients for each one is slightly different. That course, the basic of every one is chili peppers, however the rest is pretty lot up come the producer.

Fortunately, the warehouse guidelines are similar for all of them and also quite similar to comparable products choose Tabasco sauce and also sriracha (a range of warm sauce).

You must keep one unopened bottle in a cool and dark place, far from sunlight and also sources that heat. The pantry or a room in the kitchen that’s far from the oven room the finest choices.

Once you open the bottle, keep that sealed tightly once not in use.

Tomato sauce with warm peppers, garlic, and also onion
When it involves whether the condiment needs refrigerating after opened or not, the depends. Generally, many brands, prefer Texas Pete, notify that you don’t need to keep their sauce in the fridge after opening. Exact same thing for Tapatio warm sauce and lots of others.

However, favor the producer mentions on Frank’s RedHot FAQ, keeping the sauce cool will help it retain the freshness and also quality because that longer. Plus part brands actually need you come refrigerate the sauce after opening.


Always check the label for guidelines certain to your warm sauce.

Last but not least, a couple of words around food hygiene. I recognize that occasionally we’re lazy and prefer to dip our chicken wing or fries straight in the bottle. Unfortunately, that’s a sure-fire way to carry contaminants and bacteria right into the container. And that might an outcome in the condiment spoiling, so don’t perform that.

Also, look for crust that often develops on the cap. This have the right to be an area wherein bacteria have the right to start come grow. Always clean the cap as soon as it gets messy.

Chicken strips and also a spicy chili sauce

How lengthy Does warm Sauce Last

Like because that Tabasco, it’s really an overwhelming to tell just how long warm sauce will certainly last. It loser its freshness and also heat much much faster than it in reality goes bad. That means you’re an ext likely to toss it the end for quality purposes than due to the fact that it has actually actually unable to do bad.

Of course, numerous brands placed a “best-by” or “best if provided by” day on the label. That date is a rough estimate of how long, at the very least, the sauce have to retain that freshness.

An unopened bottle of hot sauce quickly lasts months, if no years past that date. That’s since both chili peppers and vinegar (present in most hot sauces) occur to be good preservatives.

Once you open the bottle, the condiment should quickly retain that taste because that a few months if stored in ~ room temperature, and much much longer if girlfriend refrigerate it. Again, it’s impossible to speak for exactly how long your hot sauce will certainly taste great. Every we have the right to do is come come up through some estimates.

Hot sauce (unopened)Best by + 2 years
Hot sauce (opened)3 – 6 months2 years

Please keep in mind that the periods over are estimates and also for the best quality only. Warm sauce will certainly last much longer if save properly.

Bowls of various dip sauces

How to Tell If warm Sauce Is Bad?

The very first thing you have to remember is that hot sauce often becomes darker over time. That’s a organic reaction the chili peppers and also isn’t a authorize that the condiment has gone bad.

Like I currently mentioned, it’s unlikely that your hot sauce will go bad in a way it’s unsafe to eat. However, if you an alert anything off about the sauce, like any kind of signs that mold ~ above the surface or the neck that the bottle, foul or fermented smell, or weird taste, discard it.

Same point if you’re also questioning that safety. The reality that you’re not sure it’s for sure anymore is a an excellent enough authorize that the condiment is past its prime and you have to throw the away. Better safe 보다 sorry.

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If you already store the sauce because that an extended duration and everything around it appears fine, provide it a taste. As previously mentioned, the flavor and smell of hot sauce degrade progressively over time, so her three-year-old sauce won’t taste as an excellent as a brand brand-new one does. Yet if that tastes good enough, feel complimentary to continue using it. Otherwise, discard it and also open a new bottle.